Roy Orbison's Greatest Hits

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Roy Orbison's Greatest Hits
Roy Orbison's Greatest Hits.jpg
Greatest hits album by Roy Orbison
Released August 1, 1962
Recorded Monument Records' studio in Hendersonville, Tennessee
Genre Rock and roll, rockabilly
Length 28:38
Label Monument (M 4009)
Producer Fred Foster
Roy Orbison chronology
Roy Orbison's Greatest Hits
In Dreams

Roy Orbison's Greatest Hits is a Roy Orbison 3313 record album from Monument Records recorded at their studio in Hendersonville, Tennessee and released in 1962. "Love Star" was a previously unreleased track, as was the #4 chart hit "Dream Baby".

This was Orbison's third album on the Monument label, and it was re-released in 1967 (after his departure from Monument).

Track listing[edit]

All tracks composed by Roy Orbison and Joe Melson; except where indicated

Side one
  1. "The Crowd" (P) 1962
  2. "Love Star" (Cindy Walker) (P) 1962
  3. "Crying" (P) 1961
  4. "Evergreen" (Joe Tanner) (P) 1962
  5. "Running Scared"' (P) 1961
  6. "Mama" (Roy Orbison, Joe Melson, Ray Rush) (P) 1962
Side two
  1. "Candy Man" (Beverly Ross, Fred Neil) (P) 1961
  2. "Only the Lonely" (P) 1960
  3. "Dream Baby" (Cindy Walker) (1962)
  4. "Blue Angel" (P) 1960
  5. "Uptown" (P) 1959
  6. "I'm Hurtin'" (P) 1960