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Roy Orbison/The Beatles Tour 1963
Tour by Roy Orbison and The Beatles
Start date18 May 1963
End date9 June 1963
No. of shows21
The Beatles tour chronology
Spring 1963 Tour
Roy Orbison Tour
Summer 1963 UK Tour

The Roy Orbison/The Beatles Tour was a 1963 concert tour of the United Kingdom by Roy Orbison and the Beatles. Other acts on the tour included Gerry and the Pacemakers, David Macbeth, Louise Cordet, Tony Marsh, Terry Young Six, Erkey Grant, and Ian Crawford.[1] It was Orbison's first,[2] and the Beatles' third nationwide tour of the UK.[1] Although Orbison was originally intended to be the headlining act, the reaction to the Beatles on the tour caused them to be promoted to co-headliners, with the Beatles closing the set in the traditional headlining spot.[3]

In 1988, Orbison and Beatle George Harrison would be reunited in the supergroup The Traveling Wilburys.


The Beatles[edit]

The Beatles' typical setlist was:[4][5]

  1. "Some Other Guy" (John Lennon)
  2. "Do You Want to Know a Secret?" (George Harrison)
  3. "Love Me Do" or "A Taste Of Honey" (Paul McCartney)
  4. "From Me To You" (John Lennon)
  5. "Please Please Me" (John Lennon)
  6. "I Saw Her Standing There" (Paul McCartney)
  7. "Twist and Shout" or "Long Tall Sally" (John Lennon or Paul McCartney)

Tour Dates[edit]

Date Town or city Country Venue
18 May 1963 Slough England Adelphi
19 May 1963 Hanley Gaumont
20 May 1963 Southampton Gaumont
22 May 1963 Ipswich Gaumont
23 May 1963 Nottingham Odeon
24 May 1963 Walthamstow Granada
25 May 1963 Sheffield Sheffield City Hall
26 May 1963 Liverpool Empire
27 May 1963 Cardiff Wales Capitol Theatre
28 May 1963 Worcester England Gaumont
29 May 1963 York Rialto
30 May 1963 Manchester Odeon
31 May 1963 Southend-on-Sea Odeon
1 June 1963 Tooting Granada
2 June 1963 Brighton Brighton Hippodrome
3 June 1963 Woolwich Granada
4 June 1963 Birmingham Birmingham Town Hall
5 June 1963 Leeds Odeon
7 June 1963 Glasgow Scotland Odeon
8 June 1963 Newcastle upon Tyne England Newcastle City Hall
9 June 1963 Blackburn King George's Hall

Tour Band[edit]

The Beatles[edit]

The Beatles' instruments and equipment[edit]

  • 1961 Hofner Violin Hollowbody Bass Guitar
  • Vox Bass Cabinet
  • 1962 Ludwig Pearl Drumkit


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