Roy St. John

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Roy St. John
Born United States
Occupation(s) Singer-songwriter, painter
Labels Virgin, Chiswick

Roy St. John is an American-born singer-songwriter. St. John released albums on the Virgin Records and Chiswick Records labels in England after singing in the Pub Rock Phoenix which featured Charlie Sinclair (a member of Kilburn and the High Roads), Les Morgan, and Adrian Pietryga (a member of John Dummer's Blues Band).

His first album, Immigration Declaration, included Roger Rettig on pedal steel and Malcolm Morley and Bob Andrews on keyboards. St. John’s single for Virgin was the label's first release to make it on the BBC playlists. His later work, including the Klondike Pete and the Huskies' albums Some of the Fellers and Who Axed You, featured the work of Geraint Watkins.

More recently, Roy released the Klondike Pete album Who Axed You on Trapeze and Rocky (featuring his new band Rocky & the Wranglers) on Rollercoaster Records.

He has also pursued a painting career, exhibiting his impressionistic landscapes in oils in England and the United States.


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