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Roy Wright Menninger, MD (born 1926) is an American doctor and psychiatrist, the third generation of one of the leading medical families in the United States. His father and family established the Menninger Foundation in 1925 in Topeka, Kansas.

Early life and education[edit]

Roy Wright Menninger was born in 1926 as the first of three sons to William C. Menninger and his wife Catherine Wright, while they lived in New York. His father was completing an internship at Bellevue Hospital. The family returned to Topeka, Kansas in 1927, when his father joined the Menninger Clinic, with his brother Karl Menninger and father Charles Frederick Menninger. Roy grew up in the world of medicine and psychiatry.


Roy became a doctor and psychiatrist, and joined his father and uncle at the Menninger Foundation, which became internationally known center for the treatment of behavioral disorders..

In 1967 he succeeded his father as President and CEO of the Menninger Foundation. He worked in that position until 1993, when he retired to become Chairman of Menninger Trustees.

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