Royal Alexandra Hospital, Edmonton

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Royal Alexandra Hospital
Alberta Health Services
Royal Alexandra Hospital.JPG
Royal Alexandra Hospital, Edmonton is located in Edmonton
Royal Alexandra Hospital, Edmonton
Location in Edmonton
Location 10240 Kingsway, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Coordinates 53°33′27″N 113°29′48″W / 53.5574°N 113.4967°W / 53.5574; -113.4967Coordinates: 53°33′27″N 113°29′48″W / 53.5574°N 113.4967°W / 53.5574; -113.4967
Care system Medicare
Hospital type Variety
Emergency department Yes
Beds 869
Helipad TC LID: CFH7
Founded 1899
Website Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation

The Royal Alexandra Hospital (RAH) is a large and long serving hospital in the Canadian province of Alberta. Operated by Alberta Health Services and located in the Edmonton's downtown core, the Royal Alexandra serves a diverse community stretching from Downtown Edmonton to western and northern Canada.[1]

They operate 869 beds[2], and care for 450,000 patients annually. The RAH is home to the Women's Health Centre, the Regional Eye Centre and the Aboriginal Health program, in addition to a wide range of child, adult and geriatric programs and services.[1]


The Royal Alexandra Hospital is named after Queen Alexandra (1844–1925), consort of King Edward VII, the King of Canada from 1901 to 1910. It was granted the "Royal" prefix by Edward in 1907.[3]


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