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A RAAF Boeing Business Jet at an airshow in 2006
A RAAF Boeing 707 at Heathrow Airport, 1979.

The Royal Australian Air Force has operated a number of specialised aircraft to transport the Queen of Australia, other members of the Royal Family, the Governor General of Australia, senior members of the Australian government, and other dignitaries.

The RAAF's current VIP aircraft are two leased Boeing Business Jets and three Bombardier Challengers which are operated by No. 34 Squadron RAAF and are based at Canberra Airport. The Boeing Business Jets are custom configured Boeing 737-700s fitted with facilities such as conference tables, offices suites, secure satellite and communication capabilities. The two planes have a longer range than is standard for Boeing Business Jets. The Prime Minister regularly makes use of the aircraft for domestic and international travel.

Prior to the acquisition of the 737s, passenger-configured RAAF Boeing 707s tanker-transports were used. These aircraft were larger than the 737s currently in use.

In August 2014, Defence Minister David Johnston announced the intention to convert a KC-30A to VIP configuration.[1]

List of RAAF VIP transport aircraft[edit]

A RAAF Challenger 604 in 2004

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