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Lid of Royal Baking Powder tin, in historical perspective, probably late 19th century: It had been among the effects of a South African soldier killed in WWI. About 50 mm diameter, from a tin about 100 mm deep.
Ad for Royal Baking Powder Company, The Leader, November 26, 1897

The Royal Baking Powder Company was one of the largest producers of baking powder in the US.


It was started by brothers Joseph Christoffel Hoagland and Cornelius Nevius Hoagland in 1866,[1][2] It later came under the ownership of William Ziegler.[3][4]

In 1929, the Royal Baking Powder Co., along with four other companies including the Fleischmann's Yeast Company, merged to form Standard Brands, the number-two brand of packaged foods in America after General Foods. Through a further merger, Standard Brands itself became part of Nabisco in 1981. As of 2017, Nabisco is a subsidiary of Mondelez International; Royal Baking Powder is still marketed today, currently by Hulman & Company.


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