Royal Bengal Rahashya (novel)

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Royal Bengal Rahasya
Author Satyajit Ray
Cover artist Satyajit Ray
Country India
Language Bengali
Genre Detective fiction
Publisher Ananda Publishers
Publication date
Media type Print
Preceded by Kailashey Kelenkari
Followed by Joi Baba Felunath

Royal Bengal Rahashya is a novel in Feluda Series created by the eminent author and director Satyajit Ray. It is of 88 pages and is published by Ananda Publishers Pvt. Ltd. in 1975. It was preceded by Kailashey Kelenkari and followed by Joi Baba Felunath.

Plot summary[edit]

On an invitation by Mahitosh Singha Ray, Lalmohon Babu takes Feluda and Topshe to a forest near Bhutan where Feluda is given a puzzle to solve. He solves that successfully, unearths hidden secrets of the Singha Ray family, solves a murder and kills a man-eater tiger in the process. At the end of the story, he is rewarded with the Tiger-skin.


  • A film with same name based on this novel was released in 2011, directed by Sandip Ray.
  • The story adapted into 2013 short film Feluda, directed by Shailesh Singh.[1]


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