Royal Brunei Airlines Flight 238

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Flight 238
Date 6 September 1997
Summary CFIT
Site Lambir Hills National Park near Miri, Malaysia
Aircraft type Dornier Do 228
Operator Royal Brunei Airlines
Registration 9M-MIA
Flight origin Brunei International Airport, Brunei
Destination Miri Airport, Malaysia
Passengers 8
Crew 2
Fatalities 10
Survivors 0

Royal Brunei Airlines Flight 238 was a scheduled flight from Labuan to Bandar Seri Begawan and Miri. On 6 September 1997, the Dornier Do 228 registered as 9M-MIA crashed on approach to Miri, killing both crew members and all eight passengers on board.


Flight 238, a Dornier Do 228 took off from Brunei International Airport at 19:03 local time with 8 passengers and two pilots on board for a short-haul flight to Miri Airport. The flight crew of flight 238 requested clearance to land at the airport. Air traffic control cleared the flight for the final approach to runway 02 but the flight crew did not radio back the control. At 19:42 while on approach to the runway, Flight 238 crashed into a slope at 500m in Lambir Hills National Park. The wreckage of the Dornier Do 228 was found at 07:10 the next morning.[1]

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