Royal Canadian Mounted Police Protective Policing

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An RCMP Protective Service Officer

The Protective Policing Service is provided by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Its role is to provide security details for: 1) members of the Canadian Royal Family (when in Canada) and the Governor General, 2) the Prime Minister, the families of the Prime Minister and Governor General, federal cabinet ministers, visiting VIPs, Members of Parliament and Senators, diplomats, Supreme, Federal Court and Federal Court of Appeal justices, and those designated by the Minister of Public Safety as protected persons.

The Protective Policing Service also maintains a traffic unit which is responsible for enforcing traffic laws on roadways owned by the National Capital Commission.

Provincial counterparts[edit]

Many provinces have a similar organization that is responsible for the protection of the provincial Lieutenant-Governor, the Premier, other members of the provincial cabinet, and members of the judiciary.

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