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The Royal Cemetery is located at the western side of the grounds of Wat Ratchabophit in Bangkok.

The cemetery contains monuments to numerous members of the Thai Royal Family, particularly those most closely related to King Chulalongkorn. Each monument is given a number, displayed externally at the base of the structure in Thai numerals. There are 34 in all, but one (No. 3) has been removed.

Monuments to Chulalongkorn's Queens Consort[edit]

Among the many monuments in the grounds are four prominent white buildings, each dedicated to one of King Chulalongkorn's four principal wives. They also contain the ashes of descendants of the wives to whom they are dedicated. These four structures are listed below with their designated memorial numbers in parentheses. The interred include:

Sunandha Nusavarya Memorial (6)[edit]

Rangsi Vadhana Memorial (9)[edit]

Saovabha Pratisthana Memorial (11)[edit]

Sukhumala Narumitra Memorial (19)[edit]

  • Chao Chom Manda Samli, Royal Consort of Rama IV (née Bunnag; 1835–1900)
    • Princess Busabong Boekban (1859–1876)
    • Queen Sukhumala Marasri (1861–1927)
      • Suddha Dibyaratana, Princess of Sri Ratanakosindra (1877–1922)
      • Paribatra Sukhumbhand, Prince of Nakhon Sawan (1881–1944)
        • Princess Prasongsom Paribatra (née Jayanta; 1886–1956)
        • Chumbhotbongs Paribatra, Prince of Nakhon Sawan (1904–1959)
        • Princess Siriratana Busabong (1906–1990)
        • Princess Sudhavongse Vichitra (1907–2003)
        • Princess Bisit Sobsamaya (1908–1974)
          • Mom Rajawonge Bilaslaksana Bunyapana (née Kitiyakara; 1940–1997)
        • Princess Churairatana Siriman (1909–2000)
        • Princess Chandrakantamani (1912–1977)
        • Princess Unnamed (1918–1919)
        • Prince Priyajati Sukhumbandh (1920–1922)
        • Prince Sukhumabhinanda (1923–2003)
    • Nabhaborn Prabha, Princess Dibayaratana Kiritkulini (1864–1958)

Other monuments[edit]

The other monuments come in a variety of shapes, styles and sizes. The number associated with each monument is shown in parentheses. Monument No. 3 is defunct and no longer extant, its contents having been moved into Monument No. 2.

Chao Chom Manda Sae Monument (1)[edit]

This is a Gothic-style masonry structure with marble floor and stairs, and the base is adorned with mountains.

Chao Khun Phra Prayurawongse Monument (2)[edit]

Referred to as the "Little Temple," it is a single story, four-walled house of European style, with a tiled roof. The wooden doors and windows feature stained glass panels. Within are housed the ashes of two consorts of King Rama V from the Bunnag family (Pae and Mod) and their descendants. These include:

  • Chao Khun Chom Manda Pae (née Bunnag; 1854–1943)
  • Chao Chom Manda Mod (née Bunnag; 1862–1932)
    • Abhakara Kiartivongse, Prince of Jumborn (1880–1923)
      • Mom Choi Abhakara na Ayudhaya (née Vichitranuj; 1890–1974)
      • Mom Chalaem Abhakara na Ayudhaya (1888–1976)
      • Charubatra Subhajalasaya (née Princess Charubatra Abhakara; 1904–1973)
      • Sirimabang-orn Riensuvarn (née Princess Sirimabang-orn Abhakara; 1904–1975)
      • Prince Aditya Dibabha (1904–1946)
      • Princess Samora Bamdoeng Abhakara (1905–1930)
      • Roengchitra Charaeng Sucharitakul (née Princess Roengchitra Charaeng Abhakara; 1905–1993)
        • Mom Rajawongse Toemsaengkhai Karnasut (née Rabibadhana; 1925–1954)
          • Ruch Karnasut (1948–1963)
      • Prince Damkaeng-riddhi Abhakara (1905–1962)
        • Line of Mom Rajawongse Itthinan Abhakara :
          • Mom Luang Paramabha Abhakara (1968–1985)
      • Prince Khanchitbol Abhakara (1906–1966)
      • Prince Rangsiyakorn Abhakara (1906–1965)
        • Mom Rajawongse Jayakorn Abhakara (1947–1954])
      • Prince Ruchayakorn Abhakara (1916–2006)
    • Suriyong Prayurabandhu, Prince of Jaya (1884–1919)
      • Prince Rasmisuriyan Suriyong (1913–1988)
      • Prince Kitisuriyobhas Suriyong (1916–1938)
      • Prince Atiwongsevivasvasti Suriyong (1917–2006)
        • Mom Sulalivan Suriyong na Ayudhaya (née Suvarndat; 1920–1992)
        • Line of Mom Rajawongse Dhitisan Suriyong :
          • Mom Luang Ambai Suriyong (1968–1993)
        • Prince Suriyadatrangsanga Suriyong (1917–1971)
        • Princess Suvarnkumari Suriyong (1918–1966)
  • Line of Vanna Vaidhayakara, Prince Naradhip Bhongseprabhan :
    • Mom Rajawongse Vibulkiarti Voravarn (1922–1967)

Princess Oraongka Ankayuba Monument (4)[edit]

This monument is shaped like a prang mounted on a four-sided pedestal of grey and white marble.

Hem Memorial (5)[edit]

This memorial is a plinth with inscribed tablets set on a square base atop a short stairway. Inside are contained the ashes of the following figures:

  • Chao Chom Manda Hem (née Amatayakul; 1864–1931)
    • Princess Hemvadi (née Princess Mandhana Bhavadi; 1892–1972)

Lopburi-Style Triple Prang (7)[edit]

This monument is modeled after Prang Sam Yot, a temple in Lopburi. It is adorned with Khmer style artwork. Naga stairs lead to doors whose frames are topped with ornate brick-and-stucco cornices and trim. Those whose ashes are housed here include Noble Consort Saisavali Bhiromya and her progeny.

  • Chao Chom Manda Chin, consort of Ladawan, Prince Bhumindra Bhakdi
    • Princess Consort Ubolratana Narinag, Princess Akkavorarajakalaya (née Princess Bua Ladawan; 1847–1901)
    • Princess Consort Saovabhakaya Nariratana (née Princess Piu Ladawan; 1854–1887)
    • Princess Consort Saisavali Bhiromya, Princess Suddhasininat (née Princess Sai Ladawan; 1863–1905)
      • Yugala Dighambara, Prince of Lopburi (1882–1932)
        • Princess Chalermkhetra Mangala (née Bhanubandhu; 1893–1957)
        • Prince Bhanubandhu Yugala (1910–1995)
          • Mom Luang Soiraya Yugala (née Sanidvongs; 1909–1984)
          • Mom Bunlom Yugala na Ayudhaya (née Nartrakul; 1913–1974)
          • Prince Thitibandhu Yugala (1935–1995)
        • Prince Chalermbala Dighambara (1913–1991)
          • Mom Thongphai Yugala na Ayudhaya (née Payurato; 1917–1944)
          • Mom Thongtham Yugala na Ayudhaya (née Payurato; 1924–2000)
          • Princess Chamadevi Yugala (1933–1942)
          • Princess Visakha Yugala (1941–1984)
        • Prince Anusara Mongkolkara (1915–1998)
          • Mom Ubol Yugala na Ayudhaya (née Suriddhi; 1923–2003)
          • Chandracharassri Paibullert (née Princess Chandracharassri Yagala; 1937–2005)
          • Line of Prince Chulcherm Yugala :
            • Mom Siriporn Yugala na Ayudhaya (née Senalak; 1951–1989)
      • Princess Nabhachorn Chamrassri (née Princess Kajera Chamras; 1884–1889)
      • Malini Nobhadara, Princess of Srisatchanalai (1885–1924)
      • Nibha Nobhadol, Princess of Uthong (1886–1935)

Chao Chom Manda Yoi Monument (8)[edit]

This monument features lace-like lotus petals emerging from a pleated vase set atop a tall hexagonal plinth. The inscriptions are on marble slabs.

  • Chao Chom Manda Yoi (née Isarankura; 1855–1896)

Monument to Royal Princess the 84th (10)[edit]

A round column decorated with flowers atop a square base. On top of the column's capital there is a sculpture of a cloth-draped urn. Inside are the ashes of the 84th child of King Rama V, born to Chao Chom Chiu Kapitatha.

  • Princess Unnamed (1892–1893)

Prince Isariyabhorn Monument (12)[edit]

Iam 2495 Memorial (13)[edit]

A square-cross-sectioned plinth atop a hexagonal base adorned with large stones. There is a marble plaque on the plinth. On the stone parapet is a wreath.

  • Chao Chom Iam (née Bunnag; 1873–1952)

Chao Chom Manda Talab Monument (14)[edit]

  • Chao Chom Manda Talab (née Ketudat; 1852–1929)
    • Princess Ajrabarni Rajkanya (1872–1910)
    • Rabi Badhanasakdi, Prince of Rajburi (1874–1920)
      • Mom On Rabibadhana na Ayudhaya (1877–1935)
      • Princess Bimba Rambai Sonakul (née Rabibadhana; 1898–1967)
      • Prince Khaisaeng Rabi Rabibadhana (1899–1978)
        • Mom Rajawongse Sakdi Rabi Rabibadhana (1939–1997)
      • Princess Suriya Prabha Kritakara (née Rabibadhana; 1901–1970)
      • Prince Vimavaditya Rabibadhana (1902–1958)
        • Princess Vinita Rabibadhana (née Kitiyakara; 1913–1998)
      • Princess Javalit Obhas Kitiyakara (née Rabibadhana; 1904–1932)
      • Prince Akas Damkoeng Rabibadhana (1905–1932)
      • Prince Ploeng Nabhadol Rabibadhana (1906–1985)
      • Prince Thakol Kraival Rabibadhana (1909–1980)
        • Mom Talab Rabibadhana na Ayudhaya (née Srirojana; 1914–1998)
      • Prince Ravibarn Bairojana Rabibadhana (1912–1988)
        • Mom Rajawongse Direkriddhi Rabibadhana (1950–1997)
      • Princess Duangdibaya Jotichaengla Abhakara (née Rabibadhana; 1914–1999)
      • Princess Ditaya Songklod Chakrabandhu (née Rabibadhana; 1916–2010)
      • Gandharos Rangsi Saengmani (née Princess Gandharos Rangsi Rabibadhana; 1917–1983)
        • Mom Rajawongse Vudhiros Rangsi Vudhijaya (1937–1943)
      • Rambai Srisa-anga Sanidvongs (née Princess Rambai Srisa-anga Rabibadhana; 1919–2000)

Chao Chom Sae Monument (15)[edit]

  • Chao Chom Sae (née Bunnag; 1892–1978)

Eob 2487 Memorial (16)[edit]

  • Chao Chom Eob (née Bunnag; 1879–1944)

Sariranidhan Monument (17)[edit]

Princess Lavad Voraong Monument (18)[edit]

Chao Chom Manda Khae Monument (20)[edit]

  • Chao Chom Manda Mom Rajawongse Khae (née Puengbun; 1847–1926)

Princess consort Dararasmi Monument (21)[edit]

  • Princess Consort Dara Rasmi (1873–1933)
    • Princess Vimolnaka Nabisi (1889–1892)
    • Chatrasuda Vongthongsri (née Princess Chatrasuda Chatrajaya; 1920–1996)

Princess Komala Saovamala Monument (22)[edit]

Chao Chom Manda Chandra Monument (23)[edit]

  • Chao Chom Manda Chandra (née Sukumalachandra; 1862–1911)

Chao Chom Manda Nueang Monument (24)[edit]

  • Chao Chom Manda Mom Rajawongse Nueang (née Sanidvongs; 1864–1885)
    • Princess Yaovabha Bongsanid (1884–1934)
    • Rangsit Prayurasakdi, Prince of Jayanad (1885–1951)
      • Mom Elisabeth Rangsit na Ayudhaya (née Scharnberger; 1892–1973)
      • Prince Piyarangsit Rangsit (1913–1990)
      • Prince Sanid Prayurasakdi Rangsit (1917–1995)

Orn 2476 Memorial (25)[edit]

Chao Chom Manda Chaem Monument (26)[edit]

  • Chao Chom Manda Chaem (née Kalyanamitra; 1856–1909)
    • Pravitra Vadhanodom, Prince of Prachinburi (1875–1919)
      • Mom Chuen Pravitra na Ayudhaya (née Kalyanamitra; 1885–1934)
      • Prince Chitra Pridi Pravitra (1908–1954)
        • Mom Luang Muaenchandra Pravitra (née Darakara; 1910–1986)
        • Mom Rajawongse Chetchandra Pravitra (1935–2007)
      • Prince Vikromsurasiha Pravitra (1911–1949)
      • Princess Kanishtha Kumari Pravitra (1919–1951)

Chatrajaya 2480 Memorial (27)[edit]

  • Purachatra Jayakara, Prince of Kambaengbejra (1881–1936)
    • Princess Prabhavasiddhi Narumala (née Chakrabandhu; 1885–1963)
    • Princess Mayurachatra (1906–1970)
    • Prince Prem Purachatra (1915–1981)
    • Princess Vimolchatra (1921–2009)
    • Princess Kanchanachatra Chatrajaya (1921–1988)
    • Prince Dibyachatra Chatrajaya (1934–2010)
    • Prince Bibulayachatra Chatrajaya (1935–1956)

Chao Chom Ab Monument (28)[edit]

  • Chao Chom Ab (née Bunnag; 1881–1961)

Chao Chom Manda Sud Monument (29)[edit]

  • Chao Chom Manda Sud (née Sukumalachandra; 1851–1912)

Chao Chom Manda Saeng Monument (30)[edit]

Chao Chom Manda Ruen Monument (31)[edit]

  • Chao Chom Manda Ruen (née Sundarasaradura; 1865–1922)

Chao Chom Manda Morakot Monument (32)[edit]

  • Chao Chom Manda Morakot (née Benyakul; 1855–1915)
    • Princess Chudharatana Rajakumari (1872–1930)
    • Benbadhanabongse, Prince of Bijaya (1884–1909)
      • Barnabenkhae Kritakara (née Princess Barnabenkhae Benbadhana; 1905–1974)
      • Prince Phaobenbadhana Benbadhana (1906–1960)
        • Mom Rajawongse Badhana Mahindara Benbadhana (1937–1980)

Other burials[edit]

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