Royal Conservatory of Liège

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Royal Conservatoire of Liège

The Royal Conservatoire of Liège (RCL) (French Conservatoire royal de Liège, Dutch Koninklijk Conservatorium Luik) is one of four conservatories in the French Community of Belgium that offers higher education courses in music and theatre. Located at 29 Piercot Forgeur in the city of Liège, the school's principal building was built in 1887 using a neoclassical design by architects Louis Boonen and Laurent Demany. Inside the building is a large concert hall, the Salle philharmonique de Liège, which has recently been entirely renovated. The hall is the major performance venue for the Orchestre Philharmonique de Liège.

The RCL was founded in 1826 by William I of the Netherlands. Joseph Daussoigne-Méhul served as the school's first director from 1827-1862.[1] Jean-Théodore Radoux was director of the conservatory from 1872-1911.[2]

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