Royal Crackers

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Royal Crackers
GenreAdult animation
Animated sitcom
Black comedy
Cringe comedy
Created byJason Ruiz
Developed byJason Ruiz
Seth Cohen
Voices ofJason Ruiz
Jessica St. Clair
Andrew Santino
Maile Flanagan
David Gborie
ComposerFrank Ciampi
Country of originUnited States
Original languageEnglish
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes10
Executive producersJason Ruiz
Seth Cohen
Chris Prynoski[a]
Shannon Prynoski[a]
Antonio Canobbio
Ben Kalina
Walter Newman[b]
ProducerRobbee Jones
EditorBenjamin Martian
Running time22 minutes
Production companiesThe Cheesesteak Factory
Titmouse, Inc.
Williams Street
Original networkAdult Swim
Original releaseApril 2, 2023 (2023-04-02) –

Royal Crackers is an American adult animated sitcom created by Jason Ruiz and developed by Ruiz and Seth Cohen for Cartoon Network's Adult Swim programming block. The series stars Ruiz, Andrew Santino, Jessica St. Clair, Maile Flanagan, and David Gborie. The series premiered on April 2, 2023.[1][2] On March 28, 2023, it was announced the series was renewed for a second season.[3]


The dysfunctional Hornsby family run Royal Crackers, a once-popular snack food company which manufactures saltine crackers in Bakersfield, California.[4] When senile patriarch and CEO Theodore Hornsby Sr.'s mind starts to slip, his two sons Stebe and Theodore "Theo" Jr are left to run the failing company while living in their father's mansion with Stebe's wife Deb and their son Matt.



  • Stebe Hornsby (voiced by Jason Ruiz) is one of the heirs of Royal Crackers. When he was born, he was meant to be called Steve, only for it to be misspelled on his birth certificate.
  • Deb Hornsby (voiced by Jessica St. Clair) is Stebe's wife.
  • Theodore "Theo" Hornsby Jr. (voiced by Andrew Santino) is a former nu metal star as lead singer of Taint and one of the heirs of Royal Crackers.
  • Matt Hornsby (voiced by Maile Flanagan) is the son of Stebe and Deb.
  • Darby (voiced by David Gborie) is the Hornsby family lawyer. He has an off-kilter personality where he has done things like not listening to his conscious mind when it told him not to order hamburgers from Burger Boyz which give him diarrhea, accidentally using Theodore Hornsby Sr's will as toilet paper while still remembering what was on it, and assuming that he can replicate the traps from Home Alone to deal with a home invasion.


  • Theodore Hornsby Sr. is the elderly CEO of Royal Crackers and the father of Stebe and Theo. Due to his senility and declining health, he is often in a sleep state and is moved around in a wheelchair. The episode "Craftopia" revealed that Theodore Hornsby Sr. had his mind mapped out and created an A.I. version of himself prior to his mind slipping by age.
  • Al (voiced by Fred Tatasciore) is a bearded Russian board member. The episode "Craftopia" reveals that Al has a limp as a result from a skiing accident, enjoys doing a skiing video game on the side, and has access to the corporate level.
  • Rachel (voiced by Stephanie Sheh) is another Royal Crackers board member.
  • Rob Dennison (voiced by Andy Daly) is the heir of Dennison Snacks, the son of its founder Luther Dennison, and the rival of Stebe and Theo.
  • Mel Dennison (voiced by Lennon Parham) is the wife of Rob Dennison.


No.TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateUS viewers
1"Crumbling Empire / Pilot"Frederic CristyJason RuizApril 2, 2023 (2023-04-02)[c]0.236[5]

Guest stars: Stephanie Sheh as Rachel, Fred Tatasciore as Al, Debra Wilson as Claire Bailey

Note: A portion of this episode was played during Adult Swim's April Fools programming schedule on March 31, 2023 and was also streamed on YouTube.
2"Theo's Comeback Tour"Frederic CristyMarc M. & David DoréApril 2, 2023 (2023-04-02)0.167[5]

Guest stars: Gilbert Gottfried as The Fixer, Jamar Malachi Neighbors as Moey D, Fred Tatasciore as Officer Troy, Debra Wilson as Antiques Appraisals Audio

Note: The episode is dedicated to the memory of Gilbert Gottfried who passed away after this episode was made.
3"Factory 37"Frederic CristyBryan WysolApril 3, 2023 (2023-04-03)0.117[5]

Guest star: Fred Armisen as Brent
4"Stebe"Frederic CristyJason RuizApril 9, 2023 (2023-04-09)0.175[6]

Guest star: Gareth Reynolds as Lars
5"Business Mom"Frederic CristyBrittany HobbsApril 16, 2023 (2023-04-16)0.180[7]

Guest stars: Andy Daly as Rob Dennison, Lennon Parham as Mel Dennison, Stephanie Sheh as Rachel, Fred Tatasciore as the President of Adoption
6"Mayworth"Frederic CristyEvan Mann & Gareth ReynoldsApril 23, 2023 (2023-04-23)0.194[8]

As the Hornsbys celebrate Theodore Hornsby Sr.'s birthday party despite some setbacks, Theodore Hornsby Sr. flashes back to the day when he and his former partner Luther Dennison had a falling out which led to Luther forming Dennison Snacks. Theodore reads a letter from a man named Mayworth, who worked on his first wheat farm, asking for his help. He ends up going out to help them when confronted by the ghost of a boy who died after eating Royal Crackers. During his travels, Theodore stays at the house of the Bartleby family where their daughter develops a crush on him and he discovers that they are cannibals. After escaping with help from the ghost boy, Theodore makes it to the Mayworth homestead as the daughter of the Bartleby family talks the rest out of harming Theodore and the family inside. When he enters the house, he finds skeletons of the family. The ghost boy reveals that he is actually the Mayworth's daughter, having only brought Theodore there to witness the result of his greed before vanishing. Distraught, Theodore leaves the house and spitefully declares he was wrong to ever doubt his greedy ways. Back in the present, Rob and Mel Dennison bring an elderly and paraplegic Luther to the Hornsby's house. When alone with Theodore, Luther types on his translating device that his wealth gave him no closure over their falling out and that he still considers him a friend. Theodore briefly snaps out of his sleep state and strangles Luther to death as he tries to call for Rob. The episode ends with a shot of the two elderly men on the ground as two pictures on the walls come into view: one of Theodore on his wheat farm and the other of Theodore and the Bartleby's daughter, now Theodore's wife, with a young Stebe and Theo.

Guest stars: Andy Daly as Rob Dennison and Young Luther Dennison, Lennon Parham as Mel Dennison, Stephanie Sheh as Ghost Boy, Fred Tatasciore as Mr. Bartleby
7"The .1%"Frederic CristyEvan Mann & Gareth ReynoldsApril 30, 2023 (2023-04-30)0.193[9]

The Hornsbys are invited on a cruise by known billionaire George Zeebos as the struggle to fit in where anyone who does not live up to his expertise gets thrown overboard and eaten by sharks. Matt befriends George's robotic servant Tonya and develops a crush on her. After things go horribly awry, George sees that they don't have the same level of wealth as he does and plans to have them thrown to the sharks. Tonya helps the Hornsbys get away from the crowd. George sprouts mechanical tentacles and attacks the Hornsbys only for Tonya to sacrifice herself to destroy the ship and by the Hornsbys time to get off the shop. Back on shore, everyone heads home as Matt is mocked by his parents and Theo for dating a robot. Tonya's body sinks to the bottom of the ocean. In the post-credits, George washes ashore somewhere and plans his revenge on the Hornsbys.

Guest stars: George Basil as George Zeebos, Gareth Reynolds as Clark, Debra Wilson as Tonya
8"Casa de Darby"Frederic CristyJason RuizMay 7, 2023 (2023-05-07)0.266[10]

In the 1800s, a Mexican archaeological group overseen by the Mexican army uncovers a chalice. The daughter of one of the soldiers grabs it and loses her hands. As the traps are set off, the chalice transports the girl out of the cave as everyone else perishes. In the present, Stebe has procured the box of Royal Crackers to appear on a Latin-American sitcom called "Casa De Papa". As Stebe, Deb, and Theo head to Burbank, California, Darby watches over Theodore as he procured the wrong car. Once Stebe, Deb, and Theo are on the set of "Casa De Papa", they watch the show in action where one of the characters eats the box of Royal Crackers and suffers a diarrhea side-effect that ends up killing the character much to the dismay of Stebe. Back at home, two criminals known as the Earl Grey Bandits plan to raid the house to get the chalice that fell into Theo's possession. Darby works to defend Theo and the household Home Alone style which doesn't go well. He and Theo are taken captive by the Earl Grey Bandits as their client known as the Traveler (the same girl from the past who now sports cybernetic hands) arrives and tortures Darby on where the location of the chalice is. He tells them after one of the Earl Grey Bandits does something to Theodore that explains why they are called the Earl Grey Bandits. As the Traveler gets the chalice, Darby breaks free and pursues the Traveler and the Earl Grey Bandits. Darby gets the chalice back with the Traveler and the Earl Grey Bandits dying in the process. The chalice transports Darby to the past where he takes part in one of the contests done by McDonald's. Afterwards, Darby returns to the present just as Stebe, Deb, and Theo return home and find the car that Darby was supposed to procure for them in the garage. As everyone enters the house, Theo is heard asking Darby if he washed his chalice.

Guest stars: Carlos Alazraqui as Tio Pepe, Felipe Esparza as Mexican Officer, Carolina Ravassa as The Traveler, Stephanie Sheh, Stephanie Sigman as Abuelita, Fred Tatasciore as Joey
9"CrackerCon"Frederic CristyEvan Mann & Gareth ReynoldsMay 14, 2023 (2023-05-14)0.159[11]

In light of the upcoming CrackerCon, Stebe shows off his new mascot for Royal Crackers to Deb called Captain Cracker as Deb gets aroused by the design of the costume. When Stebe tries to pitch it at the meeting, Theo overshadows him by pitching a cracker cannon which everyone but Stebe approves of. When at CrackerCon, the Hornsbys find that the Dennisons are in attendance. After a neglected Stebe leaves CrackerCon, Deb and Matt maintain the Royal Crackers Booth as Theo leads Darby, Rachel, and Al into finding a former stripper associate of his named Hazelnut to help with his presentation. Outside, Stebe gives some food to a yellow canary and ends up fighting a seagull that stole it. Rob Dennison learns of the cracker cannon and secretly steals it which he denies upon being confronted by Deb. After some setbacks at the strip club and the location of Hazelnut's parents, Theo finds her only to discover that Hazelnut has a family of her own. A saddened Theo gives his presentation which does not go well. Rob then does his demonstration with the stolen cracker cannon by loading food from Dennison' Snacks into it in order to combat an animatronic dinosaur head called Snackasaurus. Due to a malfunction backstage upon a crew member accidentally spilling his drink on the controls when ordered to turn down the fire-breathing level, Snackasaurus goes berserk and starts burning everything and everyone causing the Dennisons to flee. In the nick of time, Stebe appears in his Captain Cracker outfit as its fireproof traits help him protect his family and the surviving attendees followed by Captain Cracker using the Cracker Cannon at full power to destroy Snackasaurus. As Stebe and Deb make out, Hazelnut arrives stating to Theo that she left her other life as they make out. Darby is approached by the stripper that briefly touched him and they make out as Rachel and Al are shown giving positive reaction towards the make outs.

Guest stars: Andy Daly as Rob Dennison, Lennon Parham as Hazelnut and Mel Dennison, Stephanie Sheh as Rachel, Fred Tatasciore as Al
10"Craftopia"Frederic CristyJason Ruiz, Evan Mann & Gareth ReynoldsMay 21, 2023 (2023-05-21)0.192[12]

Matt gives a report about his passion for the video game Craftopia as a school project as his teacher, the internet prankster Zane, and his fellow classmates laugh at him. When Matt's computer is destroyed by Zane who claimed to the Feds that Matt's room was the hiding place of a known terrorist, he takes a job at Royal Crackers to save enough money to buy a replacement as Stebe won't procure him a replacement. He is placed in the tasting department. Al receives a call from the corporate level and is told to bring Matt up there. Upon arrival, Matt finds that the corporate level is run by an A.I. version of Theodore Hornsby Sr. where its controls are run through a Linksys modem as it claims to Matt that he would be a worthy successor to the real Theodore Hornsby Sr. than Stebe and Theo. Although the Theodore Hornsby Sr. A.I. helps Matt by blackmailing Matt's teacher into doing a prank on Zane by claiming that his parents died in a car accident, he wants Matt to abandon Craftopia by wrecking what he has worked on building there and straining his relationship with a fellow player. Al finds out that there is a surgical scar in the head of one of the tasting department workers as the Theodore Hornsby Sr. A.I. plans to have a surgeon place a chip in Matt so that he can live on in him like what he did to the tasting department members. Al thwarts the Theodore Hornsby Sr. A.I.'s plans by doing the same prank that Zane did on Matt as feds raid Royal Crackers shooting up everything, killing the surgeon, and destroying the Linksys modem enough to remove the control that the Theodore Hornsby Sr. A.I. has. Upon returning home, Matt finds a package that is implied to have been purchased by the real Theodore Hornsby Sr. It is a computer which Matt sets up in his room. He enters Craftopia, rebuilds everything there, moves his bed into the range of his computer, and lies on it until a ding is heard.

Guest stars: Andy Daly as SWAT Member #3, Stephanie Sheh as Rachel, Fred Tatasciore as Al, Oliver Tree as Zane


Informational notes

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