Royal Fam

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Royal Fam
GenresHardcore hip hop
Years active1993–present
MembersTimbo King
Dark Denim
Mikey Jarrett Jr
Y-Kim The Ill Figure
Stoneface (ShaRecka)
Dreddy Kruger

Royal Fam is a Hardcore hip hop musical group affiliated with Wu-Tang Clan. Timbo King is the given head of the group, along with Wu associate Dreddy Kruger, and Y-Kim, the former Wu producer, was initially their main producer.

An EP was released by Timbo King as the crew was looking to sign directly with the Wu, much like Killarmy and Sunz of Man in 1994. However, the album was not given direct attention, leading to delays and changes in record deals. The various members made numerous appearances on the clan members albums in return. Yesterday, Today, Iz Tomorrow was released in 2000 without the group's knowledge or permission, however. Their official debut studio album, Black Castle, was released in 2006 thru Nature Sounds Records though it was, in actuality, the material they recorded in the 90's.

Yesterday, Today, Iz Tomorrow features production from Rza.

Another rap group of the same name released an album called Dead End.[1]

Timbo King released his debut solo in 2011 From Babylon to Timbuktu with various Wu-Killa Beez and production and was produced by Bronze Nazareth.[citation needed]


  • Yesterday, Today, Iz Tomorrow (2000) [2]
  • Black Castle (2006)