Royal Governor of Panama

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The Royal Governor of Panama ruled over the Spanish colonial administrative district known first as the colony of Darién and later as the colony of Castilla de Oro (part of Spanish colony of Peru), which in 1529 was renamed Panamá. This district was subordinated to the Viceroyalty of New Granada on August 20, 1739. There were 113 such governors or presidents during the Spanish conquest and the later periods of Spanish-centered colonialism.

Governors of Darien[edit]

Appointed by Charles I[edit]

Governors of Castilla de Oro[edit]

Appointed by Charles I[edit]

Governors of Panamá[edit]

Appointed by Charles I[edit]

The Real Audiencia governed between 1539 and 1543

Appointed by Philip II[edit]

Appointed by Philip III[edit]

Appointed by Philip IV[edit]

Appointed by Charles II[edit]

The Real Audiencia governed until the designation of a new governor

Appointed by Philip V[edit]

Appointed by Ferdinand VI[edit]

Appointed by Charles III[edit]

Appointed by Charles IV[edit]

Appointed by Ferdinand VII[edit]

Period of the Reconquista Española: Governors and Captain-Generals (in opposition)