Royal Guards of Hawaii

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Royal Guard of the Hawaii National Guard



Hawaii Hawaii

United StatesUnited States

Kingdom of Hawaii

State of Hawaii
Branch Air National Guard
Type Honor guard (current)
Size 42
Part of Hawaii Air National Guard

1868 Kaona uprising
1873 Barracks Revolt
Rebellion of 1887
Rebellion of 1888
Rebellion of 1889

Rebellion of 1893
The Royal Guards in front of ʻIolani Barracks.
The Royal Guards in front of Washington Place.

The Royal Guard of the Hawaii National Guard is an Air National Guard ceremonial unit which re-enacts the royal bodyguards of the Kingdom of Hawaii in the 19th Century and disbanded when the monarch fell at the end of the 19th Century. The original 50 men unit was reestablished by King Kalakaua to guard the King; previously the guards had been disbanded by Lunalilo after the barrack mutiny of 1873.

The current Royal Guards were created in 1962, a unit is made up of Hawaiian resident Hawaii Air National Guardsmen, who are either full Hawaiian or part-Hawaiian ancestry. The current unit is ceremonial unit only and serves the Governor for official State functions and other public functions.

In 1963, the Royal Guards consisted of 14 men and grew to the current strength of 42.



  • Kapena Moku (Captain)
  • Luna Koa (1st Lieutenant)
  • Lutanela (2nd Lieutenant)
  • He Kakiana (First Sergeant)
  • Kakiana Ekahi (Sergeant 1st Squad)
  • Kakiana Elua (Sergeant 2nd Squad)
  • Kakiana Ekolu (Sergeant 3rd Squad)
  • Kakiana Eha (Sergeant 4th Squad)
  • Kaiana Pu (Ordnance Sergeant)
  • Kapala Ekahi (Corporal 1st Squad)
  • Kopala Elua (Corporal 2nd Squad)
  • Kopala Ekolu (Corporal 3rd Squad)
  • Kopala Eha (Corporal 4th Squad)
  • Kopala Hae (Color Guard Corporal)
  • 1 Hookani Pahu (Drummer)
  • 27 Koa (Soldiers)


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