Royal Hobart Show

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Royal Hobart Show
Also called 'The Show'
Observed by Southern Tasmania
Type Southern public holiday
Celebrations Agricultural displays, sideshows, fashion parades
Date Wednesday through to Saturday, ending on the fourth Saturday in October
Frequency annual

The Royal Hobart Show is an annual event held at the Royal Showgrounds in Glenorchy in October. The event focuses on the rural exploits of Tasmanians with events such as livestock judging and wood chopping.[1] Also popular at the event are show bags and rides.

The show runs for four days, Wednesday through to Saturday, ending on the fourth Saturday in October. The Thursday is a public holiday in the south of the Tasmania, known as Hobart Show Day. The Friday night traditionally has fireworks.[2] The Saturday is known as family day and usually involves many discounts and savings on showbags and rides from the other days.

It is the largest of the Royal Shows held in cities and towns around the state by the Royal Agricultural Society of Tasmania.

In many ways it can be considered similar (although smaller) to the Sydney Royal Easter Show.


The first edition of the show was in 1822, and it was held near Salamanca Place.[3]

At the 1968 Royal Hobart Show, stuntman Adrian Labans fell 50ms to his death from a high wire act.[4]

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