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the Royal Huisman shipyard, Vollenhove
Athena, Royal Huisman's largest yacht

Royal Huisman is a Dutch shipyard specialized in the building and repair of sailing yachts.

The shipyard was established in 1884 in Ronduite as a builder of wooden workboats and fishing boats. In 1954 Jan Huisman specialised in steel sailing yachts, and his son Wolter transitioned to aluminium hulls in 1964 with the 30ft Van de Stadt Avenir series. In the 1970s the development of extruded aluminium masts and cooperation with New York designers Sparkman & Stephens (S&S) enabled Huisman to tap into performance yachts and the international racing circuit: The shipyard launched its largest yacht to date, the prize-winning 60ft S&S sloop Running Tide, at its new deep-water premises in Vollenhove in 1970.[1] In 1973 Huisman built Albert Henri Karl Büll's first Saudade, the 47ft S&S sloop which won the Admiral's Cup for Germany in the same year.[2] In 1976, the shipyard built Conny van Rietschoten's 65ft S&S ketch Flyer for the 1977–78 Whitbread Round the World Race, which she won.[3][4] Their success was repeated in the 1981–82 Whitbread race with van Rietschoten's new 76ft Frers-designed sloop Flyer II which took line honours in all four legs.

In turn the shipyard developed successfully in Maxi yachts and large cruising yachts with designers Germán Frers and Ron Holland. Upon its hundredth anniversary in 1984 the shipyard was awarded a royal charter by Queen Beatrix and changed its name to Royal Huisman. In 1989 the shipyard set a new trend of large classic yacht revival by cooperating with designer Gerard Dijkstra[5] to restore Elizabeth Meyer's prestigious 1934 J-class yacht Endeavour.[6] The restoration as well as a number of Royal Huisman's subsequent projects received industry awards from yacht owners and the press.[7] The shipyard launched the 112ft sloop Pamina, the World's first yacht built from the high temper aluminium alloy Alustar, in the year 2000.[8]

The shipyard has been taking care of superyacht refit on an occasional basis during previous years when the shipyard broadened its business model with the official expansion ot superyacht refit and repair in 2011. Huisfit, the new name for the services of this division is introduced. The Huisfit team has been taking care of various non-Royal Huisman yachts such as Karyatis (107ft Heesen), EOS (305ft Lürssen), Skat (232ft Lürssen), Red Sula (105ft Jongert), Heartbeat (78ft Claasen), Nixe II, Be Mine (132ft Lürssen), Adèle (180ft Vitters) as well as Royal Huisman yachts like Juliet, Borkumriff IV, Unfurled, Antares, Hyperion, Flyer, Arcadia, Surama (ex William Tai), Hyperion, Gliss, and many more.

In 2014 Royal Huisman became a shareholder of the Bucket Regattas.[9] In 2017 the shipyard was acquired by Royal Doeksen,[10] which also negotiated exclusive rights of access to both the 300,000m² Emden dockyard[11] and the 12,000m² Holland Jachtbouw[12] halls to expand yacht refit and newbuild capabilities. The shipyard had a workforce of 280 people in 2016.[13] The 139ft SAMURAI was delivered early 2016: Huisfit and the advanced composites division converted this 40-knot carbonfibre stripped-out speed machine (ex-Mari-Cha IV) into a luxurious yet high performance superyacht. The 65ft S&S sloop Aileen II, constructed entirely of pre-preg carbon fibre, is launched in 2017. The owner’s brief was for a classic cruiser with modern performance to be sailed single-handed including anchoring, mooring and manoeuvring. Furthermore, the owner’s aim was for the yacht to have the same quality level and comfort as usually found in a much larger superyacht. 

Construction takes place in a 30,000m² purpose-built facility with four building halls, a paint hall, a refit hall as well as manufacturing halls operated by Rondal, a subsidiary of Royal Huisman specialized in furlers, winches, deck fittings and pre-impregnated carbonfiber spars and superyacht components.[14]

Some notable yachts are:

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