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Royal Institute of Public Health merged in 2008 with the Royal Society for Health to form Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH).[1]


The institute was the amalgamation of a few societies. The Metropolitan Association of Medical Officers of Health was an English society of metropolitan Medical Officer for Health established on 3 April 1856.[2] In 1869 "Metropolitan" was dropped from the title,[3] and in 1873 it became the Society of Medical Officers of Health, and in 1989 it became the Society of Public Health.


Timeline of the Royal Institute of Public Health and Hygiene[4]
Year event
1886 Formation of the Society of Medical Men Qualified in Sanitary Science, name quickly changed to The Public Health Medical Society
1891 International Congress on Hygiene in London
1892 Society Incorporated as British Institute of Public Health
1895 Harben Gold Medal and lectureship inaugurated
1897 Queen Victoria becomes patron and issues letters patent. Name changed to Royal Institute of Public Health
1901 King Edward VII becomes patron
1903 Institute of Hygiene Limited registered as a company "for the advancement of knowledge of hygiene (especially personal and domestic) and for establishing a museum of hygiene to exhibit articles of merit"
1904 Report of RIPH Committee on Bacterial Examination of Water
1905 RIPH laboratories open for chemical, bacterial, and pathological specimens
1907 Midlands Counties Branch becomes the first IH provincial branch
1908 Further provincial IH branches approved
1909 IH makes public appeal to help finance rapid development
1910 King George V becomes RIPH patron
1912 RIPH launch appeal for £3000 for building work. W. H. Lever donates £600 for the foundation of a museum
1913 RIPH Lever Museum inaugurated
1914 Queen visits RIPH
1915 IH involved in the design of respirators for use of public in the event of a gas attack
1916 Secretary of RIPH and four doctors are killed in action
1917 IH offer their services to new Ministry of Food (offer rejected)
1918 January–February IH Food Saving exhibition
1920 IH replaces monthly Periodical Letter to Members with Health Notes
1923 IH Membership Badge instituted
1924 IH Journal replaces Health Notes
1925 IH new headquarters at 28 Portland Place opened by Princess Mary on 5 June
1926 Leicester Personal Health Association becomes affiliated with IH
1927 Department of State Medicine of RIPH set up to train London medical students in forensic medicine and toxicology
1928 IH becomes an associate member of the Central Council for Health Education
1929 IH granted Royal Charter of Incorporation
1930 RIPH public lectures on birth control
1931 RIPH public lectures on Health of the Citizen
1932 RIPH begin negotiations with Royal Sanitary Institute, and later the Institute of Hygiene and the British Social Hygiene Council, for amalgamation
1933 Opening of 23 Queen Square as new RIPH headquarters
1934 RIPH negotiations with Royal Sanitary Institute terminated
1935 Negotiations between RIPH and IH reopened. Draft agreement for amalgamation reached
1937 IH supplemental charter granted by Privy Council
1938 Journals combined
1940 Exhibition and lectures on Food and Fitness
1947 First Bengue Memorial Award lecture
1948 RIPHH publishes History of State medicine in England by Sir A. Macnalty
1949 Provincial health lectures start at Leicester
1951 Queen Elizabeth II becomes patron
1954 Abortive discussions on amalgamation with Royal Sanitary Institute
1958 Courses on Food Hygiene and the Handling of Food introduced
1962 Closure of Hygiene Museum
1977 Closure of laboratories


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