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Gilde Glass

Royal Leerdam Crystal, also known as Royal Leerdam, is the designing and glass blowing department of Dutch glassware producing factory, Glasfabriek Leerdam [nl]. The company was founded in 1765 as a manufacturer of bottles in the Dutch city of Leerdam.

Designing and glassblowing[edit]

Designing and glassblowing were in the past strictly separated. Several well-known designers as Hendrik Petrus Berlage, Andries Copier, Sybren Valkema, and Willem Heesen have contributed to the Royal Leerdam reputation with a wide range of designer glass, both serica and unica. Best known has become the so-called range of products Gilde Glass (1930) by Andries Copier, as an example of both simplicity and beauty. Glass art created by Royal Leerdam Crystal was and still is very sought after by museums and collectors worldwide.


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