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The Royal Marines Police is a unit of the Royal Navy Police and the military police of the British Royal Marines.

The RM Police is responsible for providing garrison policing services – law enforcement and crime prevention as well as general security advice to the command – and includes a Special Investigation Branch (SIB) section for the investigation of serious crime.

RM Police personnel are recruited from within the trained strength of the Royal Marines, following completion of a first posting to a rifle troop in a Commando.

The primary formed unit of the Royal Marines Police is a troop within UK Landing Force Command Support Group, the Headquarters support unit of 3 Commando Brigade Royal Marines, based at Stonehouse Barracks, Plymouth.

In military operations, the Royal Marines Police Troop provide military police support for all phases of operations and peacekeeping operations including co-ordinating vehicle movements out of the beachhead, marking the main supply routes and providing convoy escorts. It also conducts general police duties and provides close protection for the Brigade Commander. Personnel are eligible to undertake the close protection courses run by the Royal Military Police. Royal Marines Police personnel are also attached to other units.

Marines and officers of the Royal Marines Police are not constables and have no powers in relation to civil law enforcement.

In 2009 the RM Police was absorbed into the Royal Navy Police,[1] although it still exists as a distinct unit.[2]

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