Royal Montreal Curling Club

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Royal Montreal Curling Club
Royal Montreal Curling Club.jpg
Location 1850 De Maisonneuve Boulevard West
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

45°29′37″N 73°34′52″W / 45.4937128°N 73.5811574°W / 45.4937128; -73.5811574Coordinates: 45°29′37″N 73°34′52″W / 45.4937128°N 73.5811574°W / 45.4937128; -73.5811574
Established January 27, 1807
CCA region Quebec

The Royal Montreal Curling Club is the oldest curling club in North America, established on January 27, 1807 by a group of Scottish Canadian immigrants in Montreal.[1]

The group met at the Gillis Tavern to lay down the rules of the organization. Thirty years later, the group would again make Canadian sports history, by building Canada's first indoor ice rink.[2]

In addition to its status as the oldest curling club on the continent, the Royal Montreal Curling Club is also the oldest active sports club in North America, according to its website.[3]


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