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The Royal Netherlands Chemical Society (In Dutch: Koninklijke Nederlandse Chemische Vereniging, abbreviated: KNCV) is the professional association for chemists and chemical engineers in the Netherlands. Currently the organisation has approximately 7,500 members.

The organisation supports the professional development of its members who are involved in the fields of chemistry, life sciences en process technology. The organisation is actively involved in protecting the interests of its members. Furthermore, its supports the development and spread of knowledge and inspiration in the field of chemistry. It publishes journals, books and databases, as well as hosting conferences, seminars and workshops.


The society was founded on 15 April 1903 as the "Algemene Nederlandsche Chemische Vereeniging" (English: General Netherlands Chemical Society), and renamed on 4 July of the same year as "Nederlandsche Chemische Vereeniging" (English: Netherlands Chemical Society). At the jubilee of 1953 Queen Juliana conferred on the organisation the designation "Koninklijke" (English: Royal).

Divisions and forums[edit]

An important part of the KNCV is formed by the 25 Scientific Divisions, organized by discipline:


Life Sciences[edit]


  • Chemistry Management
  • Chemistry & Law
  • Computer usage in Chemistry
  • Chemistry Consultancy
  • Chemistry Education
  • Chemistry Projects

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