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Royal Oak Neighborhood Schools or Royal Oak School District (ROSD) is a school district in Greater Detroit, Michigan. The district provides public school services for the municipality of Royal Oak and the easternmost portion of Berkley.[1] The official name is School District of the City of Royal Oak.


Secondary schools

Primary schools

  • Jane Addams Elementary School
Also Addams Early Childhood Center
  • Helen Keller Elementary School
  • Northwood Elementary School
  • Oakland Elementary School(oldest in school district)
  • Oak Ridge Elementary School
  • Upton Elementary School

Alternative school

  • Winston Churchill Community Education Center
Formerly Winston Churchill Elementary (later middle school) school

Former schools[edit]

  • Union School (all grades; razed)
Subsequently the site of Washington Elementary School
  • Abraham Lincoln Elementary (razed)
Also Lincoln Early Childhood Center
  • U. S. Grant Elementary (razed)
  • Thomas Jefferson Elementary (sold and converted for use as a cable TV download station)
  • George Washington Elementary (sold to Oakland Community College and later razed)
  • Benjamin Franklin Elementary (razed)
  • Edwin Starr Elementary (razed)
  • Ezra Parker Elementary (razed)
  • Edmund Lockman Elementary (consolidated)
  • Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Elementary (razed)
  • Mark Twain Elementary (razed)
  • Ralph Waldo Emerson Elementary (razed)
  • John Greenleaf Whittier Elementary (razed)
  • Jane Addams Junior High (consolidated)
  • Clara Barton Junior High (razed)
  • Helen Keller Junior High (consolidated)
  • Mary Lyon Junior High (razed)
  • George A. Dondero High School (consolidated)
  • Clarence M. Kimball High School (consolidated)
Student populations from Dondero High and Kimball High were consolidated as Royal Oak High School in the former Kimball High School. The former Dondero High became Royal Oak Middle School.


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