Royal Order of Sahametrei

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Royal Order of Sahametrei
Awarded by  Cambodia
Type Order
Awarded for distinguished services to the King and to the people of Cambodia
Status Currently awarded
Grades (w/ post-nominals) Grand Cross
Grand Officer
Established September 9, 1948
Royal Order of Sahametrei (Cambodia) - ribbon bar.gif
Ribbon of the Royal Order of the Sahametrei, Knight Class

The Royal Order of Sahametrei (Khmer:គ្រឿងឥស្សរិយយសលំដាប់សហមេត្រី) is an Chivalric order conferred by the Government of the Kingdom of Cambodia. The Royal order of Sahametrei was instituted in three classes on 9 September 1948 and was expanded to five classes on 23 August 1956. The order was not used during the Khmer Rouge period and was reinstated on 5 October 1995 by Royal Decree No. 1095/01.[1] It is conferred primarily on foreigners who have rendered distinguished services to the King and to the people of Cambodia, particularly in the field of external relations and diplomatic services or, as a token of friendship.

The Royal Order of Sahametrei is part of the Kingdom of Cambodia's honours system which currently includes the Royal Order of Monisaraphon, Royal Order of the Kingdom of Cambodia and the Royal Order of Sowathara. The Grand Cross and Grand Officer is presented as a sash worn over the right shoulder. The Commander class of the Royal Order of Sahametrei is a neck order and is suspended from a cravat that is worn around the neck. The badge of the Officer and Knight are worn on the left breast.


The Royal Order of Sahametrei was established by King Norodom Sihanouk on September 9, 1948. It was instituted in three classes but expanded on August 23, 1956 to five classes:

  1. Maha Sirivudha (មហាសេរីវឌ្ឍន៍) or Grand Cross,
  2. Mahasena (មហាសេនា) or Grand Officer,
  3. Tepidin (ធិបឌិន្ទ) or Commander,
  4. Sena (សេនា) or Officer and
  5. Askararidha (អស្សឫទ្ធិ) or Knight.
Knight Class Medal of the Royal Order of the Sahametrei
Commander Class Medal of the Royal Order of the Sahametrei

The Order became dormant in 1975 under the government of Democratic Kampuchea. It was reinstituted by Royal Decree No.1095/01 on 5 October 1995 by King Norodom Sihanouk.


Year Class Name
1956 Knight & Commander JM Abdul Aziz
1973 Knight Joseph A. Hazbun
1974 Officer Louis Mason
1982 Commander Colin pratt
1998 Knight Giuseppe Di Bella
Officer Christophe Peschoux[2]
Officer Rut Hugo[3]
Officer Christophe Horvath[4]
1999 Commander Dr Peter Schier
Masaharu Kono
Lakhan Mehrotra[5]
2000 Commander Glenn Denning
Grand Officer Benoît Duchâteau-Arminjon
2001 Grand Cross Thaksin Shinawatra
2002 Grand Officer Surakiart Sathirathai
Knight Colin Poole
Knight James McCabe
2003 Commander Dr. Haruhisa Handa[6]
Dr. Gary Jacques
Officer Pierre Tami
2004 Officer Maamar FERKOUN
2006 M.S. Swaminathan
Dr. Ronald Cantrell
Lisa Filipetto
Blair Exell
Fleur Davies
Rian Dixon
Dr. Peter Core
Shu Fukai
Dr. John Skerritt
Dr. Jung-Chaee Keng
Dr. Ja-Ock Guh
2007 Commander Ong Keng Yong[7]
2008 Dr. Chinkholal Thangsing[1]
Commander Lt. Gen. Peter Leahy
Commander Andrew J. Malanga
2009 Commander Kazuhiro Yoneda
Knight Dr. Dirk Van Aken
2010 Officer Dr Jenny Daltry
Commander Heino Güllemann
Commander Fernand Desmyter
Officer Lodewijk Van Schel
Steven Hyde[8]
Freddy Wens
Jacques Dezeure
2011 Commander Michael Kilburn
Grand Cross Shi Dayuan
Grand Officer Lin Hua
Knight Lu Wang
2013 Grand Cross Steve Penfold[9]
Commander Usha Mishra[10]
Commander Megan Anderson
Commander Freddy Wens
Officer Janne Ritskes[11]
Knight Allen Dodgson Tan
Knight Tony Langer
Knight Robert Rice
Knight Gerard Leenen[12]
Knight Megan McCoy
Knight Leon Len Austin
Officer Jan Erik Støa
Officer Mike James
2014 Grand Officer Preet Bharara
Grand Officer Sharon Cohen Levin
Grand Officer William E. Todd
Commander Lieutenant Colonel Kristen Means
Commander Alexander Wilson
Commander Ir. Mohd Nizam Bin Mohd Nawi
Commander Sarah Paul
Commander Christine Magdo
Commander Sarah Krissoff
Commander Eric Bourdonneau
Commander Allen Dodgson Tan[13]
Commander Leon Len Austin[13]
Commander Emma Atkinson
Commander Oon Yong Lin
Commander Stanley Brown
Commander Julie Chung
Commander The Golden West Humanitarian Foundation
Commander Roger Ray Hess
Commander Andrea Acerbis
Officer Daniel Brazier
Officer Brenton Easter
Officer Fong Tchan
Officer Christina LoPresti
Officer Thomas Wotka
Officer Robert Rice[13]
Officer Marcel Durocher[13]
Officer Alistair Moir[14]
Officer Allan Vosburgh
Officer Michael L. Trocino
Officer Nicholas Street
2015 Commander Jonathan D. Green
Commander Paul Jonathan Freer
Commander Barry Sutherland
Commander Dr Laura Watson
Commander Daniel Friendly
Commander Michael Hodgson
Officer Alexander C. Arcinas
Officer William T. Grau
Officer Elisia Correa
Officer Michael Nisi
2016 Commander Dr. Daniel Heilmann
Grand Cross Scott Neeson[15]
Grand Cross James McCabe[16]
Grand Cross Alan Lemon[17]


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