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This is a list of royal palaces, sorted by continent.
























 People's Republic of China


Residence of Pagaruyung Kingdom royal family in West Sumatra, Indonesia






 South Korea












City Photo Residence Function Link
Vienna Hofburg with Heldenplatz Hofburg Palace Winter residence of the Habsburgs until 1918; it now serves as residence of the President of Austria, museums and convention centre [1]
Belvedere Vienna April 2018 Belvedere Private residence of Prince Eugene of Savoy and then Imperial palace of empress Maria Theresa
Hermesvilla Hermesvilla Private residence of Empress Elisabeth in Vienna [2]
Cisleithania Hofburg, Innsbruck Hofburg, Tyrol Residence of the Archdukes of Tyrol and the Habsburgs until 1918; it now serves as a museum [3]
Kaiservilla vorderansicht Kaiservilla, Salzkammergut Hunting lodge and private retreat of Franz Josef I of Austria
Blauer Hof Laxenburg Laxenburg Castle, Lower Austria Summer residence of the Habsburgs, along with Schönbrunn Palace [4]



City Photo Residence Function Link
Brussels Royal Palace, Brussels, August 2008 Royal Palace Official residence of king Philip I [5]
0 Château Royal de Laeken Royal Castle of Laeken Private residence of king Philip I
Laeken Greenhouses Royal Greenhouses of Laeken Recepctions and state visits [6]
Château Belvedere Laeken Château du Belvédère Private Residence of former king Albert II
Villa Stuyvenberg Laeken Château du Stuyvenberg Private Residence of princess Astrid

Ciergnon koninklijk kasteel 2-02-2013 17-08-05

Château de Ciergnon Summer Residence
Villers-sur-Lesse Château du Villers-sur-Lesse Summer Residence


 Czech Republic








The Royal Palace of Caserta, UNESCO World Heritage Site, located in Campania, Italy


















 United Kingdom



 United States

 Hawaii (formerly: Kingdom of Hawaii)

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