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The Royal Police Escort (Norwegian Bokmål: Den Kongelige Politieskorte) is the royal police in the Kingdom of Norway.

Responsible for the safeguarding of the King and of members of the Royal Family, the Royal Police Escort serves as bodyguards on official and private activities in the Kingdom and even abroad. The Royal Police Escort also guards foreign royalty on their official or private visits in Norway and foreign (including republican) heads of state on their official visits.

The Royal Police Escort was established on 11 May 1945, shortly before Crown Prince Olav's return to the Kingdom following the end of the five-year-long German occupation.

A section of the Norwegian Police Service, the Royal Police Escort sorts under the Oslo Chief of Police. They cooperate closely with the Norwegian Police Security Service.

Members of the Royal Police Escort are individually selected and especially trained police officers.

The coat of arms of the Royal Police Escort is a golden St. Olaf's axe on a red shield.