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Royal Purple, Inc.
Industry oil and chemical
Founded 1986
Founder John Williams
Headquarters Porter, Texas, United States
Area served
Australia, Canada, China, Italy, Japan, Mexico, United Kingdom, United States
Key people
Bryan Yourdon (president)[1][2]
Products synthetic motor oil, synthetic grease, oil filters, gear oil
$ 109.5 million (2011)[3]
Parent Calumet Specialty Products Partners[3]
Divisions Royal Purple Consumer Products, Royal Purple Industrial Products
Website Royal Purple Synthetic Oil

Royal Purple is an American manufacturer which produces lubricants for automotive, industrial, marine, motorcycle, and racing use.[4] It is known primarily for its line of synthetic Royal Purple Motor Oil products used in gasoline and diesel engines.[5][6][7] They also produce other fluids including gear oil, transmission fluid, power steering fluid and industrial gear, bearing, engine, and hydraulic oil. Other products include chassis and bearing grease, lubricant aerosol, aerosol chain lubricant, and firearm lubricant.


The company was founded in 1986 by John Williams, a synthetic oil developer and later consultant. Due to a customer who said he had never seen purple oil, Williams named the product Royal purple.[8] Producing synthetic oil using its own additives[9] the company grew and in 2004 completed a 125,000 square foot production facility in Porter, Texas.[10] That same year they acquired a US federal trademark for the exclusive use of purple containers for lubricants.[10][11] In 2012 Royal Purple was sold in over 25,000 outlets worldwide,[12] and had an annual income of 109.5 million dollar (2011).[3] In July 2012 Royal purple got a new owner when it was sold for 335 million dollar to Calumet Lubricants.[12][13][14][15]


In 2010 Royal purple cooperated with DJ Funkmaster Flex to promote its products.[16] Royal Purple announced on September 25, 2013 that it would sponsor the Las Vegas Bowl for three years, from 2013 to 2016.[17] The deal is worth more than one million dollars a year.[18][19][20][21] Royal Purple is the official lubricant for Lingenfelter Performance Engineering.[1]

In Popular Culture[edit]

Royal Purple as a brand appears in the Angelina Jolie film Salt (2010). Forced to flee from her office building she jumps from an overpass to evade her pursuers. Salt lands on top of a moving transport trailer and then jumps onto other trucks to escape. The final truck she jumps on top of is a Royal Purple delivery van. The driver slams on the brakes and dumps Salt onto the road in front of the stopped van.

In the 2013 movie Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks, Josh Duhamel wears a Royal Purple motor oil t-shirt.


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