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The Royal Purple Yearbook is the official yearbook of Kansas State University. The Royal Purple has won many awards, including several National Pacemaker Awards.[1] The Columbia Scholastic Press Association gave the 2006 Royal Purple a Silver Crown.[2] The Royal Purple is the only official yearly record of Kansas State University. In 1997 the yearbook came with a CD-ROM supplement and in 2003 the CD-ROM changed to a DVD.[3]

The Royal Purple has a rich history since its predecessor first appeared at Kansas State Agricultural College in 1891. The yearbook underwent several name changes, including The Sledge, Sunrise, The Bell Clapper and The Banner, until it became the Royal Purple in 1909.

The Royal Purple has consistently been a trend-setting yearbook. It was the first yearbook with an opening section that told the highlights of the year in chronological order, "tilted" pictures, numerous "bleed" pages, new headlines, and a "tip-on"—an applied color picture to the cover first used on the 1938 Royal Purple. An embossed design on the division page, a trend of the 1980s, first was used on the 1939 Royal Purple. The 1941 Royal Purple staff produced the first full-color lithograph cover in the nation. The 1994 Royal Purple used the very first UV lamination, a technique that has since become very popular. In 1997 the Royal Purple added a CD-Rom to its coverage and changed with the technology and in 2003 changed from CD-Roms to a DVD supplement.[3]


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