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Royal Saudi Air Defense Forces

Royal Saudi Air Defense Forces Logo2.svg
«Emblem of the Royal Air Defense Forces»
CountryFlag of Saudi Arabia.svg Arabian Kingdom
AllegianceCustodian of the Two Holy Mosques
BranchRoyal Armed Forces
TypeLand Based Aerial Defence Network
RoleAerial Defence
Size16,000 (2015 est.)[1]
Part of
Minister of DefensePrince Mohammad Al Saud
Chairman of General StaffGeneral Fayyadh Al Ruwaili
General CommanderLt. Gen. Mezyed bin Sulaiman


Flag of the Royal Saudi Air Defense Forces.svg

The Royal Saudi Air Defense Forces (RSADF; Arabic: الدفاع الجوي الملكي السعودي‎) is the fourth branch of Saudi Arabian Armed Forces. It was a part of the Army until 1966, when it was made independent by Field Marshal Khalid bin Sultan. The RSADF has its headquarters in Riyadh (Air Defense Ministry Building designed by Arthur Erickson Architects with Bing Thom), where there is also an elaborate underground command facility that co-ordinates Saudi Arabia's advanced "Peace Shield" radar and air defence system.

Peace Shield[edit]



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