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Royal Society of Queensland
Predecessor Queensland Philosophical Society
Formation 1884
Purpose 'Progressing the natural sciences in Queensland'
Headquarters Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

The Royal Society of Queensland was formed in Queensland, Australia in 1884 from the Queensland Philosophical Society, Queensland's oldest scientific institution,[1] with royal patronage granted in 1885.

The aim of the Society is "Progressing the natural sciences in Queensland". The Society supports scientists and scientific endeavour through advocacy, the publication of scientific research, policy analysis and opinion, hosting meetings and public lectures, and maintenance of a substantial scientific library. The Society is a non-partisan, secular, learned society, not an activist lobby group and does not campaign on environmental or planning issues.

Membership is open to any person interested in the progress of science in Queensland.


1883 Augustus Charles Gregory Explorer, Surveyor
1884 Joseph Bancroft Surgeon, Parasitologist
1897 Charles Joseph Pound Microscopist, Bacteriologist
1898 Sydney Barber Josiah Skertchly Geologist, Naturalist
1908 Johannes Christian Brunnich Chemist
1911 John Brownlie Henderson Analyst, Food Standards, Public Servant
1916 Ronald Hamlyn-Harris Entomologist
1919 Albert Heber Longman Naturalist, Museum Curator
1921 C. T. White Botanist
1923 E. O. Marks Geologist, Opthalmologist
1926 J. V. Duhig Pathologist, Bacteriologist
1927 E. J. Goddard Biologist, Zoologist
1928 Desmond Herbert Botanist
1928-1929 Thomas Parnell (scientist) Physicist
1930 J. P. Lowson Medical Psychologist
1931 Desmond Herbert Botanist
1933 Raphael Cilento Medical doctor
1938 Henry Caselli Richards Geologist
1939 Albert Heber Longman Naturalist, Museum Curator
1940 Frederick William Whitehouse Geologist
1943-44 Raphael Cilento Medical doctor
1945 Walter Heywood Bryan Geologist
1947 Dorothy Hill Geologist, Palaeontologist
1951 Herbert John Hines Biochemist
1952 Ian Murray MacKerras Zoologist
1953-1958 Raphael Cilento Medical doctor
1959 Elizabeth Nesta Marks Entomologist
1966 Clive Selwyn Davis Mathematician
2007-12 Craig Walton Public Servant
2013 Geoffrey Edwards Ecologist, Policy Analyst (Retd)

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