Royal Thai Army Special Warfare Command

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Royal Thai Army Special Forces
Royal Thai Army Special Warfare Command
Unit insignia
ActiveJune 4th 1954–present
AllegianceHM The King of Thailand
Branch Royal Thai Army
TypeSpecial operations forces
Garrison/HQThale Chup Son, Mueang Lopburi, Lopburi, Thailand
Nickname(s)พลร่มป่าหวาย(Pa Wai Airborne)
Surayud Chulanont
Sonthi Boonyaratglin
Chalermchai Sitthisart

The Royal Thai Army Special Warfare Command (Thai: หน่วยบัญชาการสงครามพิเศษ) also known as Pa Wai Airborne (Thai: พลร่มป่าหวาย) is the special operations force of the Royal Thai Army. Its headquarters are King Narai Camp in Lopburi.[1]


The Royal Thai Army recognizes the importance and necessity of warfare that can confront and reduce the threat from outside the country. It has set up a special forces unit on June 4th 1954 at Ban Pa Wai Patan Lopburi Royal Thai Army special forces Born on June 4th 1954 on behalf of the Parachute Infantry Battalion. Lieutenant Colonel TianChai Sirisumpan a battalion commander. Parachute Battalion during the first mission. According to the plans of the Royal Thai Army And Internal Security Operations Command. Performance is acceptable to supervisors at all levels and departments concerned parties. The people were convinced of the capabilities of the battalion, paratroopers in combat parachute jump to help people in different ways. And protect the country from the threat of communism. Meanwhile, the need to use military paratroopers mission is increasing. The special forces had been developed by the order. Battalion of the Parachute Regiment have been considered for the expansion. Division of Special Forces (Airborne), and later was expanded into a divisional level is the Special Warfare Center. The Center for Science and Performance Center on the war. Is responsible for research, development, training and performance on the war.


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