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Royal Vauxhall Tavern, Vauxhall, London SE11

The Royal Vauxhall Tavern is a gay entertainment venue in Vauxhall, London. It is also known as the RVT. It is South London's oldest surviving gay venue.[1]


The RVT was built in 1863 at Spring Gardens, Kennington Lane, on land which was originally part of the Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens. It started life as a Victorian music hall .[citation needed] After the war, returning servicemen and local gay men were attracted to the venue, which held shows of female impersonators, the forerunner of drag shows.[1]

By 1975, the Royal Vauxhall Tavern had two bars around a kidney shaped bar which doubled as a stage for the drag artists to dance along in their stilettos from the tiny apron stage at one end. Prior to the cabaret starting the bar would be cleared of glasses and drinks and the staff would clean the bar ready for the drag to dance along it in their heels. The public bar attracted local workers and had a dart board whilst the lounge attracted the local gay community. Notable acts from this era include "Carla", famous for her Barbra Streisand impersonation and "The Great Lee Paris" on a Saturday night with Land of Hope and Glory, and There'll always be an England.[2] Freddie Mercury was also a frequent visitor during the seventies.[3]

The RVT survived local redevelopment throughout the 1970s and 1980s and maintained its independence as a gay venue. Many of London's top drag artists performed there, including Hinge and Bracket, Regina Fong and Adrella. Diana Dors also appeared there.[4] Lily Savage, the drag persona of Paul O'Grady, was a regular performer for eight years, with shows four times per week.[1][5]

According to Cleo Rocos‍ '​ book The Power of Positive Drinking, Princess Diana visited the RVT in the late 1980s, disguised as a man and accompanied by Rocos, Freddie Mercury and Kenny Everett. Rocos stated that revellers didn't notice Diana because their attention was focussed on Mercury, Everett and Rocos.[6][7][8][9]

In 2005, the Royal Vauxhall Tavern was taken over by gay businessmen Paul Oxley and James Lindsay. With a new lighting and sound system the venue opened seven nights a week and maintained its popularity.[1] In November 2014 the RVT was sold in a multi million pound commercial deal. James Lindsay, former joint owner, was retained and appointed by the new business owners.[10]

The RVT is currently the subject of a campaign to make it a listed building - the first building to be listed in recognition of its importance to LGBTQ community history. The campaign is supported by Boris Johnson (Mayor of London), Sir Ian McKellen and Paul O'Grady, among many others.[11]



Duckie is an avant garde club night, hosted by Amy Lame, that has run every Saturday night at the RVT for the past 18 years. According to the venue, Duckie provides "queer heritage, performance art and honky-tonk".[12] The event's disc jockeys, known as "The Readers Wifes" [sic], play Britpop, disco, hi-NRG, easy listening, glam rock, rock, contemporary pop, new romantics and punk.[13]

Sundays at the RVT[edit]

Sunday Social (formerly known as Sundays at the RVT and prior to that S.L.A.G.S./Chill-Out) is a Sunday afternoon event which most recently has been regularly hosted by Charlie Hides, who started his residency at the RVT on 7 April 2013. Since June 2015, additional Sunday social acts perform in rotation which include Charlie Hides, Myra Dubios, Laquisha Jonz and La Voix, who was a semi-finalist in 'Britain's Got Talent'. Prior to that Jonathan Hellyer's Dame Edna Experience was the resident act for 14 years. The event attracts a large number of devotees from all over London and further afield.[citation needed] In addition to Charlie Hides the event is supported by resident DJs Simon Le Vans and Sean Sirrs plus regular special guests who play a mixture of dance anthems and commercial house.

David Hoyle[edit]

The performance artist David Hoyle intermittently hosts an avant garde cabaret show, where sometimes controversial themes are explored.


The RVT won the Fringe Report best venue in 2010,[14] the Time Out Love London Award, Best Pub Award 2014, Boyz Best Smaller Club 2014, Boyz Best Bar South London 2014 and London Best Cabaret Venue 2012.[citation needed]

The Dame Edna Experience was voted the Best Cabaret Act for 2011 (Pink Paper reader's awards).[15][non-primary source needed]

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