Royal Warrant of Appointment (Spain)

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Royal Warrant of confectionery store Prast, home to fantasy figure Ratoncito Pérez

Royal warrants of appointment in Spain have been issued for decades to those who supplied goods or services to the King of Spain. The warrant enables the company to advertise the royal approval of distinction with the display of the royal coat of arms, thus lending prestige to the company.

The warrant is typically advertised on company hoardings, letter-heads and products by displaying the arms as appropriate. Underneath the emblem will usually appear the phrase "Proveedor de la Casa Real", which translates as "Purveyor of the Royal House".

Royal warrant holders[edit]

Companies that have received the honour are Seseña, Loewe, Vaquería del Republicano, Jimenez y Lamothe, Viena Capellanes, SOLÉNER (Soluciones Energéticas S.A.), Confiteria de Alfredo Reig, and many cigar companies. Foreign purveyors include Cartier SA, Charvet Place Vendôme, Jacob & Josef Kohn, and Steinway & Sons.

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