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In Canada, a number of monuments have been erected to honour royal individuals, whether a member of the past French Royal Family, British Royal Family, or present Canadian Royal Family, thus reflecting the country's status as a constitutional monarchy under the Canadian Crown.


Monument Image Location Individual honoured
Statue Legislative Building, Edmonton Queen Victoria
Statue Legislative Building grounds, Edmonton Princess Louise, Duchess of Argyll
Stained glass window Legislative Building grounds, Edmonton Queen Elizabeth II

British Columbia[edit]

British Columbia
Monument Image Location Individual honoured
Queen Victoria in Victoria.jpg
Parliament Building grounds, Victoria Queen Victoria[1]
Stained glass window
Parliament Building, Victoria Queen Victoria[1]
Bell Christ Church Cathedral, Victoria King George V[2]
Bell Christ Church Cathedral, Victoria Queen Mary[2]
Statue Vancouver King George VI[1]
Bust of Queen Elizabeth II in Beacon Hill Park Victoria BC Canada.JPG
Beacon Hill Park, Victoria Queen Elizabeth II[1]
Bell Christ Church Cathedral, Victoria Prince William, Duke of Cambridge[2]


Monument Image Location Individual honoured
Statue Manitoba Museum, Winnipeg Queen Elizabeth II
Statue Government House, Winnipeg Queen Elizabeth II


Monument Image Location Individual honoured
Stained glass window Christ Church Royal Chapel, Deseronto Queen Anne
Gore Park, Hamilton Queen Victoria[1]
Statue Victoria Park, Kitchener Queen Victoria
Parliament Hill, Ottawa Queen Victoria
Inside library at Parliament Hill.jpg
Library of Parliament, Centre Block, Ottawa Queen Victoria[1]
Queen Victoria statue at Queens Park, Toronto.jpg
Queen's Park, Toronto Queen Victoria[1]
Stained glass window St. Bartholomew's Anglican Church, Ottawa Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught and Strathearn[3]
Equestrian statue
Queen's Park.JPG
Queen's Park, Toronto King Edward VII[1]
Alexandra Gates
Plaque at Philosopher's Walk.jpg
Philosopher's Walk, Toronto King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra[4]
Stained glass window St. James Cathedral, Toronto King George V[5]
Princes' Gates
Canadian national exhibition and windmill (edit).jpg
Exhibition Place, Toronto King Edward VIII and Prince George, Duke of Kent
King George VI statute in Niagara Falls.jpg
Queen Victoria Park, Niagara Falls King George VI[1]
Queen Elizabeth Way Monument
Queen Elizabeth Way Monument.jpg
Sir Casimir Gzowski Park, Toronto Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother
Princess Margaret Fountain Exhibition Place, Toronto Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon
Equestrian statue
Parliament Hill, Ottawa Queen Elizabeth II[1]
Stained glass window Rideau Hall, Ottawa Queen Elizabeth II
Silver Jubilee stained glass window Cathedral Church of St. James, Toronto Queen Elizabeth II
Diamond Jubilee stained glass window
Diamond Jubilee Window Ottawa.jpeg
Centre Block, Ottawa Queen Elizabeth II, Queen Victoria


Monument Image Location Individual honoured
Isabella Memorial Sir Wilfrid Laurier Park, Montreal Queen Isabella I
Bust Place Royale, Quebec City King Louis XIV[1]
George III Monument Place d'Armes, Montreal King George III
Victoria Memorial
Square Victoria.JPG
Victoria Square, Montreal Queen Victoria
Lion of Belfort
Lion de Belfort Montreal.JPG
Dorchester Square, Montreal Queen Victoria
Queen Victoria Monument McGill University, Montreal Queen Victoria
Edward VII Monument
Edouard VII Montreal.JPG
Phillips Square, Montreal King Edward VII[1]


Monument Image Location Individual honoured
Equestrian statue
Queen and burmese.jpg
Legislative Building grounds, Regina Queen Elizabeth II[1]

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