Royd Moor Wind Farm

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Royd Moor Wind Farm
Royd Moor Wind Farm is located in South Yorkshire
Royd Moor Wind Farm
Location of Royd Moor Wind Farm
Country England
Location 6 km west of Penistone, Barnsley South Yorkshire
Coordinates 53°32′15″N 1°41′18″W / 53.53750°N 1.68833°W / 53.53750; -1.68833Coordinates: 53°32′15″N 1°41′18″W / 53.53750°N 1.68833°W / 53.53750; -1.68833
Commission date 1993
Owner(s) E.ON
Power generation
Units operational 13 Bonus 500 turbines
Nameplate capacity 6.5 MW

The Royd Moor Wind Farm is located at Penistone, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, England, and consists of thirteen 500 kW turbines. The site is located approximately 6 km north west of Penistone, above the A628 trunk road between Barnsley and Manchester. The turbines are set in two parallel, staggered rows of six and seven,[1] on a ridge in hilly fell land lying 320 m above sea level.

These turbines were completed in 1993 and are 35m in height to the hub and have a rotor diameter of 37m. The maximum output is 6.5 MW, equivalent to the annual energy required to power 3300 homes.[2]


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