Rozhen Observatory

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Rozhen Observatory
Rozhen dome.jpg
Large Telescope Dome of the Rozhen Observatory
Organization Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Observatory code 071 Edit this on Wikidata
Location Near Chepelare, Bulgaria
Coordinates 41°41′33″N 24°44′17″E / 41.69250°N 24.73806°E / 41.69250; 24.73806
Altitude 1759 m
Website NAO-Rozhen
Ritchey-Chretien-Coude telescope 200 cm
Cassegrain telescope 60 cm Cassegrain reflector
Schmidt telescope 50/70 cm
Solar Coronagraph telescope 15 cm
Rozhen Observatory is located in Bulgaria
Rozhen Observatory
Location of Rozhen Observatory
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Rozhen Observatory (Bulgarian: Национална астрономическа обсерватория - Рожен, НАО-Рожен; English: National Astronomical Observatory - Rozhen, NAO-Rozhen), also known as the Bulgarian National Astronomical Observatory, is an astronomical observatory, located in the Smolyan Province, 90 kilometers south of the city of Plovdiv, Bulgaria. The nearest town, Chepelare, is 15 kilometers away. The observatory is owned and operated by the Institute of Astronomy of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS). It was officially opened on 13 March 1981, almost 20 years after Bogomil Kovachev – a professor of astronomy at BAS, known as its founder – had started working towards that goal.[1][2] The Observatory is the largest in Southeastern Europe[3] and has an active team of about 50 astronomers. It is the principal center for astronomical research in Bulgaria.[citation needed] The minor planet 6267 Rozhen, was discovered at, and named after the observatory.[4]

  • 200 cm Ritchey-Chretien telescope (supplied with Coude focus)[5]
  • 60 cm Cassegrain telescope
  • 50/70 cm Schmidt camera
  • 15 cm Solar telescope
Bogomil Kovachev, founder of the Rozhen Observatory, with a group of visiting Bulgarian scholars in the summer of 1987

WASP-3c & TTV[edit]

Transit Timing Variation (TTV), a variation on the transit method, was used to discover an exoplanet WASP-3c by Rozhen Observatory, Jena Observatory, and Toruń Centre for Astronomy.[6]

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