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rpoS mRNA encodes for the rpoS stress factor, sigma S (σS or σ38, where DsrA in conjunction with the Sm like RNA binding protein, Hfq promote the translation of this rpoS mRNA.[1] The 5' UTR of the rpoS mRNA forms a self-inhibitory stem loop that shields the shine-dalgarno sequence and therefore inhibits translation. The secondary structure of the 5'UTR was predicted by acetylation of ribose 2'-hydroxyls with NMIA and by using a secondary structure prediction program, RNAstructure.[2][3] DsrA stimulates rpoS translation by binding in the 5'UTR and causes the stem loop to open, exposing the ribosome binding site.

Site-directed mutagenesis and deletion analysis located an AAYAA motif identified upstream of the stem loop structure which is required for Hfq binding.[4] Comparative genomics has shown that this regulatory secondary structure is conserved across several gram-negative bacteria species.


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