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SNP: rs1801133
Name(s) C677T, Ala222Val, A222V
Chromosome 1
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C677T or rs1801133 is a genetic variation—a single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP)—in the MTHFR gene.

Among Americans the frequency of T-homozygosity ranges from 1% or less among people of sub-Saharan African descent to 20% or more among Italians and Hispanics.[1]

It has been related to

In 2000 association studies on oral clefts, Down syndrome, and fetal anticonvulsant syndrome were either unreplicated or had yielded conflicting results.[1]

Related genetic variants[edit]

A1298C is a SNP in the same gene. Studies have investigated the combined effect of C677T and A1298C.[6]


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