Ružica Church

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(Little Rose)
Ružica church, Belgrade, Serbia.jpg
Destroyed church converted to military magazine for the Turks
AffiliationSerbian Orthodox
LeadershipSerbian Orthodox Church
LocationBelgrade,  Serbia
Completed1867 (1521 foundation)

Ružica Church (Serbian: Црква Ружица/Crkva Ružica, tran. Little Rose Church) is a Serbian Orthodox church located in the Belgrade Fortress, in Belgrade, Serbia. A church of the same name existed on the site in the time of Stefan Lazarević. It was demolished in 1521 by the invading Ottoman Turks. The church was used as a gunpowder magazine in the 18th century, and was converted into a military church between 1867 and 1869. Heavily damaged during the First World War, the church was renovated in 1925 by Russian architect Nikolay Krasnov.[1] The iconostasis was carved by Kosta Todorović, and the icons painted by Rafailo Momčilović. The walls were covered in paintings by Andrej Bicenko, a Russian artist.[2]


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Coordinates: 44°49′32″N 20°27′05″E / 44.8255°N 20.4513°E / 44.8255; 20.4513