Rua XV de Novembro

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November 15 Street, one of the major streets of Curitiba, transformed in a street mall in 1972.
Rua XV de Novembro

Rua XV de Novembro (15th of November Street) is one of the major streets in downtown Curitiba. Also known as Flower Street (Rua das Flores), it is one of the first major pedestrian streets in Brazil. It was inaugurated in 1972, with well-tended pots of flowers and tourist restaurants installed in hundred-year-old buildings.

It is very common to see every kind of artistic performances, such as mimes and clowns who interact with those who pass by, musicians, magicians and other miscellaneous performers, such as the Statue Man.

Coordinates: 25°25′51″S 49°16′15″W / 25.43083°S 49.27083°W / -25.43083; -49.27083