Ruan (surname)

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Ruan surname in regular script
Pronunciation Ruǎn (Pinyin)
Ńg (Pe̍h-ōe-jī)
Language(s) Chinese, Vietnamese
Language(s) Old Chinese
Other names
Variant(s) Ruan, Juan (Mandarin)
Un, Yuen (Cantonese)
Ng (Hokkien)
Nguang (Teochew)
Nguang (Hokchew)
Nguyễn (Vietnamese)
Derivative(s) Nguyễn

Ruan (Chinese: ; pinyin: Ruǎn, [ʐwàn]) is a family name originated from China.

The Mandarin Chinese version (pronounced [ʐwàn]) is romanized as Ruǎn in pinyin and Juǎn for the Wade–Giles System formerly standard in Taiwan. The Taiwanese Hokkien version [ŋ̩̂] is transcribed Ńg in Pe̍h-ōe-jī. The Cantonese version [jy̌n] is romanized Jyun2 in the Jyutping system or Yún in the Yale system, or more commonly Yuen or Un (the latter is typical in Macau). In Hokchew Chinese, it is Nguang.

Its Vietnamese equivalent is Nguyễn (pronounced [ŋʷǐˀən] in Northern Vietnamese and [ŋʷĩəŋ] in Southern Vietnamese), and is the most common Vietnamese family name.

Notable people named Ruan[edit]

  • Ruan Yu, a notable literature writer during Han Dynasty (Chinese: 阮瑀; ?-212)
  • Ruan Xiaoxu, a notable bibliography writer during North Southern and Northern Dynasties (Chinese: 阮孝緒; 479-536)
  • Ruan Ji, is one of the Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove (Chinese: 阮籍;210-263)
  • Ruan Xian, a Chinese scholar who lived during the Six Dynasties period (Chinese: 阮咸;3rd century)
  • Ruan Yuan, a scholar-official of renown in mid-Qing China prior to the Opium War (Chinese: 阮元, 1764-1849)
  • Ruan Lingyu, prominent 20th-century Chinese actress (阮玲玉, 1910-1935)
  • Ruan Lufei, Chinese chess player (阮露斐, b. 1987)
  • Ruan Xiaoqi, character in the novel Water Margin (阮小七)
  • Ethan Juan, a Taiwanese actor
  • Kitty Yuen, Hong Kong entertainer
  • Louis Yuen Siu-cheung, Hong Kong actor
  • John Ruan, an American businessman and founder of Ruan Transportation
  • Xinbo Ruan, Chinese engineer

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