Rubén Darío Paredes

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Not to be confused with Rubén Darío.
Rubén Darío
Military leader of Panama
In office
3 March 1982 – 12 August 1983
Preceded by Florencio Flores
Succeeded by Manuel Noriega
Personal details
Born 1933

Rubén Darío Paredes del Río (born 1933[1]) was a Panamanian army officer and the military ruler of Panama from 1982 to 1983.

Colonel Paredes came to power following the coup against Colonel Florencio Flores. Paredes' tenure was from March 1982 to August 1983. Paredes was promoted to the rank of general on March 3.[2][3] Paredes retired from the Panamanian National Guard after making a deal with Manuel Noriega that would make Paredes president. However, after his resignation, Noriega reneged on the deal and had him arrested.[4]

Paredes is retired and lives in Panama City, Panama. His uncle, Rigoberto Paredes, was a member of the National Assembly in the 1980s and was alleged to be one of Norriega's closest allies. Rigoberto hosted a talk radio show on Radio BB in Panama City. Rigoberto Paredes died in 2007.


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Military offices
Preceded by
Florencio Flores
Military leader of Panama
Succeeded by
Manuel Noriega