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Rubbadubbers Nick Jr. Logo.jpg
Genre Children's television series
Created by Peter Curtis
Voices of John Gordon Sinclair
Sean Hughes
Maria Darling
Theme music composer KiCK Production
Opening theme "Here Come The Rubbadubbers"
Ending theme "Here Come The Rubbadubbers" (Instrumental)
Composer(s) KicK Production
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language(s) English
No. of series 4
No. of episodes 53
Location(s) Bathsville City
Running time 10 minutes per episode (approx.)
Production company(s) HIT Entertainment
Hot Animation
Nick Jr. Productions
Distributor HIT Entertainment (International)
Original network CBBC
Nick Jr.
Original release September 2, 2003 (2003-09-02) – September 5, 2006 (2006-09-05)

Rubbadubbers is a British stop-motion children's television series produced by HIT Entertainment and Nick Jr. Productions. The series aired on the BBC in the United Kingdom and Nickelodeon in the United States (as part of the Nick Jr. block).[1]


Seven anthropomorphic bath toys live a peaceful, healthy life at Benjie and Sis's house in fictional Bathsville City. Not every episode begins with the Rubbadubbers in the bathroom. Some episodes begin with the Rubbadubbers in the bathroom where they live, and in other episodes, the Rubbadubbers are found in the hallway, either on the chest of drawers, the hallway floor, or on the windowsill.

After a short while, a character decides to make a wish by saying "If only" followed by whatever he/she wishes (e.g. "If only I could have all the bubbles in the world".) That particular character is then automatically escorted to an alternate reality where that "if only" wish comes true.

It always turns out that if the "if only" goes wrong (e.g. having all the bubbles in the world is actually a bad idea), then the exact same character wishes another "if only" that automatically escorts him/her from the dream world back to Benjie and Sis's house. Everyone then feels happy again. Every single episode ends with Reg the robot announcing to the other Rubbadubbers that the children, Benjie and Sis, are arriving for their bath.

In the dream worlds, the props and the scenery are made entirely from bathroom equipment, toothbrushes, cotton buds, soap dishes, floor tiles, sponges, shower curtains, towels, mats, radiators, fans, heating vents and even on occasion, musical instruments!


Main Characters[edit]

  • Tubb, a male anthropomorphic frog with a Scottish accent, is the leader of the Rubbadubbers. He has green eyes, pink skin, and he always wears patterned shorts, and a yellow T-shirt with very short traffic light coloured sleeves. He enjoys playing with the other bath toys, cleaning anything with his cotton bud, and floating on a green lily-pad. John Gordon Sinclair voices him.

  • Terence, a male crocodile with a thick British accent, can blow bubbles through his nose. He has one white tooth, two yellow eyes, wears a white collar and a red neck-tie, has green skin, and a yellow body. He dislikes getting splashed, and has a red toothbrush for cleaning his tooth with. Terence also has several spots on his back. Voiced by John Gordon Sinclair.

  • Finbar, a male clockwork shark with an Irish accent, has white and blue skin, several triangular teeth, 2 oval-shaped eyes, and he can cool things down by moving his tail from side to side as well as often describing himself in third person as "The Mighty Shark", often accompanied by a pirate-like phrase, "Arr, Arr, Arr!" Finbar also has 2 wheels, 3 fins, and 1 white clockwork wheel. Sean Hughes voices him.

  • Winona, a female rubber whale who is the only one of the group to not do "If Only" wishes since she can't speak words unlike the others, instead communicating only through squeaking noises, has purple skin, three wheels on her underside, a small blow-hole, two small eyes, and a mouth in between her fins. She doesn't eat krill unfortunately, like an ordinary whale, but she does make water with her blow-hole. Voiced by Maria Darling

  • Reg, a male mechanical robot, who dislikes getting wet. Although he is often seen looking out for Benjie and Sis, he enjoys playing with the other Rubbadubbers inside the bathroom. He has orange skin, green eyes, a diamond-shaped hole, a blue stammer for a mouth, and a volume control on his back. At the end of every single episode, he announces Benjie and Sis's arrival: "Rubbadubbers, Rubbadubbers, the children are coming! Bath Time Scramble!" Voiced by John Gordon Sinclair.

  • Amelia, a female submarine-hybrid who speaks in an enthusiastic Cockney accent, can fly in the air as well as travelling over, on and under the bath water. She has 2 red wings, a yellow head, a big clown's nose, a red mouth, two blue eyes, a red propeller and 3 red wheels. Voiced by Maria Darling.

  • Sploshy, a female starfish-shaped sponge with a childish English accent, has suction cups behind her hands, feet, and head. She has magenta skin, 5 triangular arms, 2 legs and eyes, and a mouth. She likes to make noise and is normally found stuck to the side of the bath as well as floating on the surface of the bath water and walking and cartwheeling around the bathroom. She loves dancing just as much as Angelina Ballerina does, but she gets annoyed very easily as she tries her best to keep the other Rubbadubbers in order. Maria Darling voices her.

Other Characters[edit]

  • Lawrence, a male crocodile with an English accent, is a minor character on Rubbadubbers and is practically identical to Terence. He can do amazing tie-tricks, he also dislikes getting splashed, he has 2 white teeth, the same yellow eyes, he wears the same collar, has the same yellow body, but the only difference is, his necktie that he always wears is blue. He only appears in the episode Terence's Double Trouble. Lawrence has the exact same spots down his back, but he doesn't have a red toothbrush like Terence. Voiced by John Gordon Sinclair.

  • The two children, Benjie and Sis, are both often referred to by the characters, but they are never seen.


Series 1 (2003)[edit]

  • 1. Messenger Terence
  • 2. Sploshy of the Arctic
  • 3. Finbar the Word Shark
  • 4. Scary Finbar
  • 5. Tubb's Towers
  • 6. Amelia the Monster
  • 7. Reg the Monster
  • 8. Terence's Double Trouble
  • 9. Sploshybird
  • 10. Little Red Riding Tubb
  • 11. Reg in Square World
  • 12. Terence Of Arabia
  • 13. Sheriff Terence

Series 2 (2004)[edit]

  • 14. Sploshy the Stone-Seeker
  • 15. Spaceman Reg
  • 16. Deep Sea Reg
  • 17. Train Driver Tubb
  • 18. Tubb the Pirate
  • 19. Terence the Shop Keeper
  • 20. Silly Sploshy
  • 21. Speedy Terence
  • 22. Sploshy's Tail
  • 23. Finbar's Important Part
  • 24. Rocket Sled Reg
  • 25. Amelia and the Detectives
  • 26. Terence the Spy

Series 3 (2005)[edit]

  • 27. Terence's Double Trouble
  • 28. Tubb the Magician
  • 29. Amelia the Diver
  • 30. Amelia the Babysitter
  • 31. Tubb the Frog Prince
  • 32. Finbar and the Ghosts
  • 33. Sploshy's Wishes
  • 34. The House That Tubb Built
  • 35. Finbar and the Green Hat Gang
  • 36. Terence the Monster Hunter
  • 37. Lighthouse Keeper Reg
  • 38. Finbar's Rescuers
  • 39. Copy Sploshy

Series 4 (2006)[edit]

  • 40. Terence's Ties
  • 41. Finbar The Star
  • 42. Reg's Game Plan
  • 43. Doctor Terence
  • 44. Farmer Sploshy
  • 45. Princess Amelia
  • 46. Super Amelia
  • 47. Muddy Finbar
  • 48. Footballer Tubb
  • 49. Finbar's Gift
  • 50. Tuffty Tubb
  • 51. Sporty Reg
  • 52. Skypainter Amelia
  • 53. Reg and the Library


  • 1. Row, Row, Row
  • 2. Steamy Mirror
  • 3. Beyond the Bath
  • 4. On A Roll
  • 5. Swimming Races
  • 6. Hide And Seek
  • 7. Great Skate!
  • 8. Swimmin'!
  • 9. Drip
  • 10. High Noon In The Bathroom
  • 11. Being Choosy
  • 12. All Wrapped Up
  • 13. Something Sticky
  • 14. Having A Ball


Rubbadubbers aired on CBeebies every day at varying times between 2003 and 2008 in the United Kingdom, and in the United States, the programme aired weekly at varying times on both Nick Jr and PBS Kids Sprout.

UK Home video releases[edit]

Rubbadubbers was released on VHS and DVD in the United Kingdom and Ireland throughout 2003 and 2004 by Hit Entertainment and owned by Hot Animation. Several DVD releases were being made and they still are available in the United Kingdom and in the United States respectively.


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