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Rubber or Natural rubber is a latex material, originally from the Para rubber tree.

Rubber may also refer to:

In science and industry[edit]

  • Synthetic rubber, general term for many types of man-made rubbers
  • Latex, emulsions from various plants, and the major raw material in the production of natural rubber
  • Elastomers, or elastic (rubbery) polymers, particularly man-made rubbers

In arts and entertainment[edit]

In recreation and sports[edit]

  • Rubber, Rubber bridge or a two 100-point games in contract bridge
  • In baseball, a slab from which the pitcher throws, or at times, the pitcher's mound itself
  • In cricket, an individual game in a series of matches
  • In tennis, an individual game in a series of matches

Other uses[edit]

  • Condom, in American slang
  • Eraser, in British and Australian English
  • Galoshes (rubber boots), in British English

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