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The U.S. Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA), established in 1915 as the Rubber Club of America, is a national trade and advocacy group[1] of U.S. rubber tire manufacturers. The Rubber Manufacturers Association formed the Tire Industry Safety Council trade association in the United States in May 1969,[2][3] which is based in Washington, D.C.[4]

RMA represents its members before federal, state and local government entities; develops safety standards for passenger, light truck and commercial truck tires; advocates for environmentally and economically sound scrap tire management policies aggregates data pertaining to U.S. tire shipments; and, educates consumers about proper tire care, among other activities.

— RMA - About Us

In 2015, government relations expert Anne Forristall Luke was nominated President and CEO of the RMA.[5]


Members of the Rubber Manufacturers Association include:[6]

British Rubber Manufacturers' Association[edit]

The British Rubber Manufacturers' Association is another trade group that "represents the rubber manufacturing industry in the United Kingdom."[7] It is based in London, England.[8]

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