Rubber tyred gantry crane

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Kuantan Port container yard with rubber-tyred gantry crane.
Rubber tyred gantry crane

A rubber tyred gantry crane (RTG crane) (also transtainer) is a mobile gantry crane used in intermodal operations to ground or stack containers. Inbound containers are stored for future pickup by drayage trucks, and outbound are stored for future loading onto vessels. RTGs typically straddle multiple lanes, with one lane reserved for container transfers.[citation needed] Advantages:its mobility gives a rubber tyred gantry crane wide appliance

Being mobile, RTGs are often powered by diesel generator systems (gensets) of 100 to 600 kW. Due to the lack of an electrical grid to dump energy when containers are being lowered they often have large resistor packs to rapidly dissipate the energy of a lowering or decelerating container.[1]

Aside from the intermodal industry, RTGs also are extensively used in industry. Applications include erecting large unbalanced structures, assembling large manufacturing components, and positioning pipelines.

Different kind of RTGs[edit]


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