Rubbish, King of the Jumble

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Rubbish, King of the Jumble
Genre Animation
Created by Mark Taylor
Written by Pamela Hickey, Dennys McCoy
Directed by Mark Taylor
Voices of Alexi Sayle[1]
Composer(s) Andre Jacquemin, Dave Howman
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 2
Running time 10 minutes
Production company(s) A Productions, HTV
Original network ITV Network (CITV)
Original release 1993 – 1994

Rubbish King of the Jumble is a children's animated television series on CITV created by Mark Taylor and featured the voice of Alexei Sayle. It was also produced by A Productions for HTV.


In this name being a play of "King of the Jungle", the series focused on an overfed cat named Rubbish who lives in the junk-filled attic of an old house. He tries and gets a quest to take food by using different disguises and schemes. But they get backfired by many of his enemies like the birds, the mice and a ferocious guard dog named Dinsdale who does nothing but chasing Rubbish and biting him on the tail.



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