Reuben Brainin

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Reuben Brainin
Ruben Brainin.jpg
Born 1862
Lyady, Belarus
Died 1939
New York City
Genre literary criticism, biography

Reuben Brainin, Reuven Brainin, or Ruben ben Mordecai Brainin (Hebrew: ראובן בריינין‎‎; March 16, 1862 – November 30, 1939) was a Russian Jewish publicist, biographer and literary critic.


Reuben Brainin was born in Ljady (ru) (now in Dubroŭna Raion, Vitsebsk Voblast, Belarus (former "Lithuania", now Belarus) in 1862 to Mordechai Brainin the son of Azriel Brainin [1]and had moved to Berlin by 1901.[2]

Brainin contributed to the periodicals Ha-Meliẓ, Ha-Toren, Ha-Ẓefirah, Ha-Maggid, and Ha-Shiloaḥ. In 1895 he issued a periodical under the title "Mi-Mizraḥ u-Mi-Ma-arab" (From East and West), of which only four numbers appeared.

Brainin was the author of several pamphlets, the most important of which were his sketch of Pereẓ Smolenskin's life and works (Warsaw, 1896); and a translation of M. Lazarus' essay on Jeremiah (Warsaw, 1897). He also wrote about one hundred biographical sketches of modern Jewish scholars and writers.

He died in New York City.

Published works[edit]

To "Aḥiasaf" Brainin contributed the following articles:

  • "Ilane Sraḳ" (Barren Trees) (i. 32)
  • "Bar Ḥalafta" (ii. 71)
  • "Dappim Meḳuṭṭa'im" (Loose Leaves) (v. 120).

He also contributed to the same periodical the following biographical sketches:


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