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Ruben Sebastiaan van Weelden was born on 26 May 1992 in the heart of Amsterdam.


Starting out as a voice-actor, Ruben was working at the age of 6, participating in the production of radio advertisements for companies such as Tempo-team and Mc Donald's.

After doing several castings without success he got the leading role in the short TV movie Zomerdag (2006). Directed by Marc de Cloe, and starring Marcel Hensema and Jim van der Panne.

Four years later he had another leading role in his first feature film, Shocking Blue, which was also directed by Marc de Cloe. Shocking Blue was selected by the film festivals in Breda, Sevilla, Detroit, Berlin and Rotterdam.[1] It was also nominated for best cinemography by Rob Hodselmans and for best supporting role by Niels Gomperts.

Ruben also had minor roles in episodes of a few TV series, such as Flikken Maastricht, the Dutch version of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.[2]


Despite working as an actor in the past, he started a small film-production company with Barend van Balen in February 2011.[3]


Title Year of publication
Zomerdag 2006
Shocking Blue 2010
Verborgen Verhalen 2010
Flikken Maastricht 2011